20 Most Odd and Disgusting Fetishes Sure to Turn You Off (Unless You’re a Deviant)

So, you thought you were being kinky when you appeased your girlfriend by trying on her panties before making love. Or maybe instead, you let her tie you up and paddle you a little bit and call you a bad boy. I’m sure you’re aware that weirder, more disturbing sexual fetishes are out there that would make your cross dressing or Pay Per View late night softcore S&M experiences seem downright mundane.

The sleazy yet curious Internet elves here at AMOG have put together a list of frightening fetishes guaranteed to either tickle your fancy (for our disturbed audience members) or alternatively make you never think about sex the same way again.

20. Dacryphilia

We begin our list with dacryphilia, a relatively benign yet extremely inappropriate form of paraphilia (sexual arousal to shit that isn’t normal, like objects, events, situations, anything not human, etc) where a dude is sexually aroused by crying, or someone in emotional distress. Generally, the dominant asshole verbally or physically abuses their partner to the point of tears in order to get off. This fetish is slightly disturbing, but nothing too freaky yet…

19. Apotemnophilia

Losing a limb is obviously a traumatizing experience, and there is nothing wrong with being attracted to someone who has lost a limb.

No, what is disturbing is apotemnophilia, or the attraction to the idea of being an amputee. Apparently this is not always or necessarily a sexual attraction, but nonetheless, its still disturbing to think about someone being turned on at the thought of chopping off both of their legs. Apparently, apotemnophilia is also related to people with Body Integrity Identity Disorder, as well as men who want to change their sex to female because they don’t feel right in their bodies.

18. Macrophilia

Attack of the 50 Foot Beauty.

You might remember that scene from the critically acclaimed film Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo where Rob Schneider arrives at the door of a very large woman named Tina. Deuce Bigalow is nonplused. Well, there are people out there who actually enjoyed to be dominated sexually by people far larger than they are. Far, far larger, in fact. For most macrophiliacs (I’m not even sure that’s the right word), the vast majority who are men, they really get their kicks from fantasizing about huge, 100 foot giant women.

Since several hundred foot tall women are in short supply, most macrophiliacs indulge in their fetish on tthe internet, the haven for all things deviant, where they turn normal sized women into giants. Clinical psychologists think it’s a response to being dominated by an overbearing mother, and substitute normal intimacy for fantasy.

17. Agalmatophilia

You might have heard recently about Roxxxy, or perhaps of some similar type of doll from Japan, who besides not only being a sex robot, is also equipped with artificial intelligence. For $7,000 you can not only buy this 5’7, busty and lifelike-to-the-touch sexual companion, but a friend who can have basic conversations with you as well. The weird attraction to sex robots is encompassed in agalmatophilia, or the sexual attraction to statues, dolls, mannequins, or any human like object.

16. Asphyxiophilia

You might have heard of a little hit band from the 1980s called INXS, or perhaps have seen the Kill Bill films. What do they both have in common? Both Michael Hutchence, the lead singer of INXS, and actor David Carradine, who starred as Bill, died as a result of autoerotic asphyxiation, or intentionally cutting off oxygen to the brain in order to enhance sexual pleasure.

Apparently, choking yourself to the point of death helped treat erectile dysfunction since at least the 1600s, long before the days of penis pumps and Viagra, and criminals being hanged have even been reported to having a boner and even ejaculating before kicking the bucket. Actually, 250 to 1000 people die every year accidentally because of autoerotic asphyxiation every year.

There is something a little off putting about a fetish that can kill you.

15. Dendrophilia

Now we start moving away from the oddly deviant but mostly harmless fetishes to the truly strange and bizarre. Dendrophilia is the sexual attraction to trees and plants. Now, you must be thinking to yourself, “There’s no way anyone would ever really have sex with a tree, I mean, trees are rough and no one actually does this stuff.”  Au contraire, my dear friends, because someone just got arrested for doing it.

William Shaw, a 21 year old Scottish man, was banned for life from a Scottish park for attempting to bone a tree. Yes, a tree. The article above states he “tried to have simulated sex with the tree while his trousers were around his ankles.”

14. Gerontophilia

While I certainly do love my grandmother, I would never consider hanging out with her at her retirement community in order to score with any of her neighbors. Apparently, weirdos out there aren’t after saucy GILFs because they find wrinkled skin and varicose veins attractive, but rather, revenge is their motive. It seems revenge is a dish best served old. One doctor in the previous link believes the person after granny might be reacting to childhood abuse or sexual sadism, and their domination over grandma fuels their desire rather than genuine attraction.

13. Hybristophilia

Little did you know when you were younger that Mary Jane Rottencrotch, that girl you were stuck in friend zone in high school because she wouldn’t date nice guys, would grow up to be a hybristophiliac, or is sexually attracted to violent individuals who have committed violent or gruesome crimes. You think I’m exaggerating? Not only do many websites exist that hook up interested women with the incarcerated, but hybristophilia is also know as “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome” because sweet girl Bonnie Parker fell for the dangerous criminal Clyde Barrow.

Well known murderers who found women to love them while they were locked up include “The Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez (who murdered 13), the charismatic Ted Bundy, who was found guilty of 30 murders, and man rapist and murderer John Wayne Gacy. Chicks just love the bad boys.

12. Lactaphilia

Now this is just gross… who would be sexually attracted to breast milk? Because boobs and nipples are seen as signs of fertility and sexually stimulating body parts by many cultures, some experts think it isn’t a big jump from touching and licking boobs to drinking from them.

Lactaphilia is not confined to just men. In studies, between 33 and 50% of mothers found breast feeding erotic, and only about 25% felt guilty about it.

11. Klismaphilia

There’s nothing more erotic than shooting poopy water out of your bum, at least not to Klismaphiliacs, or people sexually aroused by enemas. People with this stinky and intrusive fetish fantasy sexually desire the insertion of liquid into their butthole by themselves or other people. They get erections when receiving enemas from doctors.

Here is a great how to guide by someone in the know to have safe enema play.

10. Autogynephilia

Now, when you tried on your girlfriend’s panties before lovemaking and then imagined yourself as a woman, you would love autogynephilia, or being aroused by the thought of a man being a woman. Another fetish that can be related to gender identity disorder, here is an example from the case files of Dr. Ray Blanchard, an expert in the field:

“Philip was a 38-year-old professional man referred to the author’s clinic for assessment… Philip began masturbating at puberty, which occurred at age 12 or 13. The earliest sexual fantasy he could recall was that of having a woman’s body. When he masturbated, he would imagine that he was a nude woman lying alone in her bed… this remained his favorite sexual fantasy throughout his life.”

While it’s understandable that some people might be trans-gendered, trapped in the wrong body, etc, (I don’t want to offend the PC crowd) there are many people who are heterosexual and still want to be a man who have this as their sexual fantasy.

9. Furry Fandom

Possibly one of the more unique and strange fetishes out there, furries are people who are sexually aroused by anthropomorphic animals (animals with human features), or dress up like animals and hump each other, like animals. Well, not always to hump. Most furries apparently just like to dress up in animals costumes and hang out.

While some people that are into furry fandom defend themselves from the highly sexualized deviant portraits the media and websites like AMOG paint of their lifestyle, the strange evidence speaks for itself here and here.

8. Eproctophilia

People’s potential attraction to everything that has to do with the anus and its contents seems limitless. Eproctophilia is the sexual arousal from farting. Nothing much more to say about this, I think the link explains it all.

7. Coprophilia

Ah, one fetish we’ve all heard of, especially from the viral hit 2 girls 1 cup. Coprophilia is more commonly known as being aroused by crap, and acts involving it, like eating poop. The most prevalent, but not exclusive, groups of people who are aroused by poop are sadomasochists. One study of 164 guys in Finland into S&M found that 18% had performed in scat play.

For some, it is a gross fetish, for others, it is more serious. For true coprophiliacs, many cannot orgasm unless shit is somehow incorporated into their sexual activities, either through fantasy or reality.

6. Menophilia

Moving on to our next bodily fluid fetish, menophilia is the sexual arousal from a woman’s menstrual blood. Apparently there are people out there who are turned on by women on their periods… and it doesn’t look like there are any credible, non pornographic sites on the internet that chronicle this fetish. That should tell you how effing sick people can be.

5. Emetophilia

Even less appetizing to me during love making than menstrual blood, poop, or even breast milk is vomit. Called a “Roman shower” by vomit enthusiasts (who mistakenly thought Romans would purge themselves after feasts), some people are aroused by being puked on or by puking on others. Again, not something CNN or BBC are writing many articles about, and a Google search will leave you horrified.

4. Pedovestism

Now we are getting to the truly sick of the sickest, pedovestism, or being aroused by dressing up like a child. What’s more disturbing than the fact that some pedovestists like to have sex with children or are masochists, others who experience sexual arousal while wearing children’s clothing and who imagine themselves as children are not molesters at all.

3. Zoosadism

While the donkey show scene from Clerks II might be disturbing for its R rated depiction of bestiality, at least it didn’t show zoosadism, or being aroused by harming animals. While not always a sexual fetish, this is a serious, seriously offensive and deviant fetish: arousal by cruelty to animals is one hallmark of being a sociopath.

Sadly, sexually motivated zoosadism is apparently not as rare as you might think. Between 1983 and 1993, over 160 Horse-ripping cases were documented in England and 300 in Germany between 1992 and 1998. Horse-ripping is the mutilation of a horse’s sexual organs, and were sexually motivated attacks on the animals. Yeah, people were running around Europe mutilating horses for SEXUAL PURPOSES. So sick.

2. Biastophilia and Rape Fantasy

Biastophilia is one of the oldest disgusting fetishes: being aroused by raping an unconsenting partner. Related to biastophilia is rape fantasy, fantasizing about raping a woman but not really doing it in real-life. In a 1980 study of 94 men, 33% of men polled reported fantasizing about raping a woman during intercourse, and 45% if raping a woman who initially resisted but then succumbed to the advances. Whoever said the 1980s weren’t ripe for moral revolution?

1. Necrophilia

The number one most odd and disgusting fetish to turn you on is necrophilia, being aroused by dead people, or having sex with dead people. Most necrophiles are heterosexual, 60% have a diagnosed personality disorder (10% psychotic), and are most likely to have an occupation with access to dead bodies.

One of the most famous necrophiliacs was Ed Gein, the inspiration for Norman Bates in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, and Wild Bill in Silence of the Lambs, who would be aroused by wearing costumes made from human body parts

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  1. Fig says:

    Interesting list, but #16. Asphyxiophilia wouldn't really be a fetish, as there is no inherent interest in the act ("Oooh, can't wait to choke myself!") but simply the physical pleasure that just about anyone would get out of it. Smoking weed may make me horny, but I wouldn't say I have a marijuana fetish.

  2. icybluemadness says:

    ewe! that' s all i have to say!!!

  3. Miko says:


    I knew of most of these, if not the technical name for them all…

    ……………….but I NEVER did any of them, just knew about them
    …and knowing if half the battle (cue PSA music)

  4. SilverSurfer says:

    Well thats left me with a huge boner

  5. Bob Labala says:

    I have no comment.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You forgot homosexuality and interracial sex.

  7. Grundle Sack says:

    I'm surprised none of my more wicked fetishes are on here.

  8. Terry says:

    I am beginning to think that the wierdos out number the normal people. But the meaning of normal has been tested lately also. I being a heterosexual male almost feel like the norm is to be gay anymore. When was the last time have you seen a rally or protest for the right to be a normal person. It's not PC to normal in this day and age. We are in the minority.

    • AlwaysThinking says:

      Why would "normal" people need to protest? What would they be protesting? Keep in mind that normality is introspective to people who consider themselves normal. The only reason why this has not been challenged, is because no one is calling you a deviant. As such, this is why gay people need to protest… to be considered normal.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can't even define normal, idiot. Normal is subjective, and thus has no true definition. You're version of normal is obviously skewed because your life is a failure due to your lack of having any sort of personality or defining characteristics. I'm not really sorry you feel that way, and I'm pretty sure we'd all be better off if you just killed yourself. Just don't try to get turned on by it though, okay? Cool.

  9. zbeast says:

    Ah, what another shock list really this is a little tired..
    Why is "furry" even on this list..Why is like number 6?
    Furry fandom is about fury art, story's and costumes.
    It's not about zoo, underage sex or any other stupid crap.
    That's like saying everyone who owns a car is a secret killer.

    You could have added cutting, branding, whipping.

    Also this does not seem to be a very ordered list..
    You add zoo higher on the list than Coprophilia… Really… eeeeuuuuuuuu.

    • pierogyjim says: (Author)

      Um, getting sexual pleasure from torturing animals is not worse than poop? And did you even read what I wrote about furries? Sex is involved, sometimes. The list is ordered… just think about it.

  10. Waidayu Wanano says:

    This list is clearly composed by someone who is highly ignorant and judgmental. Give the words of this article all the weight they deserve: none.

    Also, nice pictures. I especially like the one of the puke all over the place. I've never posted stuff like that on the internet. Now, which one of us is the deviant?

  11. Glen says:

    I thought the opposite of Necrophilia was necropittsburgh!!

  12. Jason136 says:

    Awww come on. . .where is the love for farting??? hahaha

  13. Gah Terry I know! It's so hard to be in the majority out here, what with all these privileges we have without having to work for them like the right to be married, the right not to be beat up for holding hands with our significant others. Man, I wish someone would think of us heterosexuals once in a while. We're sooooo oppressed! *eyeroll*

  14. Chance says:

    I think anything that involves things other than yourself should generally be higher.

    and Zbeast, Furries weren’t on here for the art, or story. They were on here because there ARE people who get off on it like no tomorrow. No matter how little of a representation they are of the furry fanbase. That’s generally what fetishes are.

  15. ted says:

    I support the tree huggers!

  16. AlwaysThinking says:

    I find it rather disingenuous that Furry fandom should be mentioned on this list. The actions of two people is not evidence of anything, especially considering the size of this fandom. Guilt by association is not an argument, it is a dishonest generalisation. Furthermore, saying that Furry fandom is about a fetish is a pure assumption about the collective intentions of an entire fandom. Because being a furry fan or being part of Furry fandom does not require that you have any fetish for what it is about: anthropomorphic animals. It would like saying Anime is a fetish because some people really like hentai.

  17. Bunch of prudes.

  18. Jigsaw says:

    Yet another Furry Fandom research fail…

    Seriously, every other thing on this list has an actual "philia" name. Furry doesn't. That should be a big clue this doesn't belong.

  19. Tas says:

    You know what IS weird? NOT being werid. Seriously, how boring must you have to be to need to sit around and pass judgement on people’s fetishes instead of enjoying a few of your own? THAT’S weird.

  20. B says:

    What a poorly writen article. Did you do any research before spewing your nonsense about issues you clearly don’t understand?

    Ageplay, which you refer to as Pedovestism here, is definitely NOT about real children. Do some research before you write next time.

  21. AlwaysThinking says:

    I find it rather disingenuous that Furry fandom should be mentioned on this list. The actions of two people is not evidence of anything, especially considering the size of the fandom. Guilt by association is not an argument, it is a dishonest generalisation. Furthermore, saying that Furry fandom is about a fetish is a pure assumption about the collective intentions of an entire fandom. Because being a furry fan or being part of Furry fandom does not require that you have any fetish for what it is about: anthropomorphic animals. It would like saying Anime is a fetish because some people really like hentai. PS. Reposting. Did not get through the first time I submitted about 3 weeks ago.

  22. Cyan says:

    Number nine is steriotype. Bugs Bunny is anthropomorphic. Does that make it wrong to have watched it?