5 Reasons Oprah Winfrey Has Destroyed America

Oprah Winfrey came from nothing to become one of the richest and most powerful American women in the 20th Century. She was at one time the sole African-American billionaire. Her show was the highest rated program in history. Her empire now includes two magazines, a TV network (despite having problems), and even a radio channel on satellite radio. Let’s not forget her store, co-authoring of five books and being involved with several film projects.

Even after her syndicated daytime went off the year after 25 seasons, she refuses to go away. She remains everywhere, as well as, the Queen of All Media.

So, why is she destroying our country? She’s just making a buck, and, helps so many people, right? Well, here’s the five reasons why.

5. Hypocrite

Oprah is full of hypocrisy. By doing so, she’s letting us all know that that’s just fine, as long as, it’s to your benefit. Take her allowing gospel artist BeBe Winans on her show to promote his new album in 2009. BeBe had gotten into trouble earlier in the year when he pushed his ex-wife to the ground, in front of the kids. This was the same time that whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thing went down. The Big O made no secret on where she stood when it comes to domestic abuse, she’s against it, obviously. What makes BeBe different from Chris Brown? They both beat up women, but BeBe loves God more than Chris Brown.

But that’s not the only incident.

In 2008 Oprah won PETA’s “Person of the Year,” after her “original” episode on factory farms and loving animals so much. A year later, Oprah is giving away KFC coupons on her website, to supposedly help cash-strapped families. Two things are wrong with this. Number one, KFC is on PETA’s short list. They’re infamous for the living conditions of the future double-downs. Number two, Americans are already facing weight problems. Do we need to really eat more fast food, especially from a person who has struggled with weight themselves? Maybe if we also had our own trainers and chefs, well, that wouldn’t be so bad then.

4. Not As Giving As You Think

Oprah has duped almost all of us into thinking how great of a philanthropist she is. However, we’ve all fallen for it. Oprah makes around $43,000 an hour, that’s more than a million bucks a day, which comes out to $385 million a year. There’s this site that tells us what Oprah could do with one years pay. She could buy 385 one million mansions for the homeless. 385 one million private jets for people to use for medical emergencies. She could buy groceries for 385,000 families, as opposed to say, giving them KFC coupons.

She owns homes in California, Colorado, New Jersey, Fisher Island (which is off the coast of Miami), Georgia, Hawaii, Antigua (it’s in the Caribbean), and an apartment in Chicago. Yet, she’s so giving to the needy, right? And, she’s always making us want to dish out more of our hard earned cash to donate to her causes.

Here’s some more. Remember the car giveaway? It was a PR stunt between Pontiac and The Queen. And, the people receiving the cars still had to pay taxes on them, just like any prize that you would on something like “The Price is Right”. It came out to about $7,000 a car. Not bad for a new car, but I don’t think the happy audience members were expecting it. Couldn’t she have just spotted them?

Towards the end of her show, she surprised 300 fans by taking them on a trip to Australia. It may be an all-expense paid trip for the fans, but it’s going to cost Aussie taxpayers almost $3 million to help pay for the cost of the trip. And, remember that girls school she opened in South Africa? There were several accusations, like girls getting grabbed by the throat and thrown against a wall or sexually abused, by employees. Thanks for spreading American goodwill across the world you over sized, crusty vajayjay.

3. Peddler of Junk

Oprah is perhaps one of the greatest allies that capitalism has ever had. Her garbage book club selections are instant bestsellers. She even had two stores in Chicago, that are now closed, however, fans can still purchase transcripts. One sold luxury items that included her “favorite things”. The second sold useless trinkets and souvenirs to her minions. It’s probably a challenge for a billionaire to realize the pickle that many people are currently in. But instead of helping them, or offering advice, she’s peddling luxury items. It’s probably a common scenario in many suburbs. A mom debating whether to buy apples for the kids, or, picking up the latest issue of “O”. She decides on the magazine, because she has that KFC coupon from Oprah.

2. Her Support of Pseudo Religious/Scientific Beliefs

Oprah has gotten some slack for her support of new age fads. Remember her endorsement of “The Secret”? It was a cliched self-help guide that basically told people to visualize what they want, and poof, they get it. Did the students at her school visualize that employees stop fondling them? And it stopped? Did a poor, deprived housewife visualize that new cashmere sweater and get it? Probably not, cause, times are tough. And, that’s reality.

What’s even scarier than a wacky, new agey scam, is the medical advice Oprah offers. She features celebrities and authors to inform her viewers on how to look young or warn them on the dangers of vaccines.

Suzanne Somers was on an episode giving her youth techniques, like sticking a needle full of estrogen into her vagina. Oprah also supports plastic surgery techniques, like Thermage, which uses radio waves to tighten the skin. She never mentioned the risks.

Dr. Jenny McCarthy described the link between vaccinations and autism in children, which doesn’t exist according to real experts. She even finds actual doctors that are quacks. Like the one who advised women not to get the HPV vaccine.

The truth is that Oprah pushes what she believes as truth. She’s not a doctor. She’s not a shrink. Instead, she jumps on board some far fetched trend, without knowing the consequences. Her tips, techniques, and advice don’t actually work for her followers. They don’t have the means, or knowledge, but attempt to give it a shot because Oprah supports it. It’s unhealthy, dangerous, and irresponsible.

1. Too Much Power, No Responsibility

The previous four examples wouldn’t be so dire if Oprah wasn’t so powerful. Over the years  her 7.4 million daily viewers have raised her to a Demagogue status. She’s pretty much the leader of a cult, even after her show is long gone. If she asked her fans to pull a Jonestown-like-massacre, they would do it without even blinking their eyes. It’s actually rather horrifying how much power and respect she’s gained. And, if we learned anything from Spider-Man, it’s that with great power comes great responsibility.

Unfortunately, Oprah doesn’t employ that lesson. She feeds on the dreams, and wallets, of her followers like a rabid wolf. Whether she’s aware, or completely ignorant, of her power, is another debate on it’s own.

What is for certain is that she’s destroying America from within. A country where it’s OK to be a hypocrite. A land where cash strapped people purchase luxury items that are out of their price range. A nation where children aren’t vaccinated. Eventually, her devotees will dig themselves further into debt, while their children die, as they blindly follow Oprah’s advice, and just wish for better days, because if the do, it will happen. Like it or not, this is exactly what our enemies want. The end of America.

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