The Perfect Recreation Room for the Bachelor

If you have a finished basement, then you have the perfect setup for a man’s haven – a rec room. This is one of the main rooms in the house where you can overdo anything and everything and it’s perfectly acceptable. In fact, it’s encouraged. It would be easy to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a rec room. If you have it to spend, I strongly recommend that you do it. It’ll be worth it. If you don’t, you can still design a great rec room for you and your buddies to hang out. It’s up to you how much you put into it, but I suggest that you put as much as you can without going broke.

Basic Entertainment
This is where a lot of your money can easily slip from your fingers, so make sure you stick to a solid budget when shopping for your basic entertainment needs. Ideally, the main staple in this room is the television. You guessed it; you’ll want the largest screen television that you have room for and that you can afford. Flat screens are a great choice. Not only do you get an awesome picture, but you can have it installed on a wall to save to space. Just budget carefully and look around for the best deal. If you can’t afford a big screen TV, then do the best you can with the money you’ve budgeted.

Next, you want to have a DVD or Blue Ray player with a variety of movies. Guys, this is the appropriate place for any porn you may have along with all of your action and horror movies. Also for entertainment, if you have a game system or two, put them in your rec room. It’ll be awesome to play on a big screen. Are you into karaoke? Do you have friends that are? You can get them at a moderate price, so if you think it would be fun, definitely include it in your room.

Also, a great sound system is a wonderful addition to this room. It’ll be great for TV, movies, video games, karaoke, and just playing music. And make sure that you have a nice collection of music CDs too.

Games and Equipment
You probably won’t have room for all of the things mentioned in this section, but this will give you some great ideas for special items for your room. As far as inexpensive things you can use to fill up your rec room that are fun, you can get a small slot machine or two, a foosball table, and if you like to play poker get a poker table for you and the guys to play on. Other cool ideas would include a pool table, air hockey, or pinball machines.

Furniture, Etc.
With furniture, you want to pay some attention to how it looks, but more importantly, you want to make sure that it’s comfortable. Recliners are essential. If you don’t have recliners in your rec room, you’re not doing it right. Definitely have more than one recliner too. Don’t just think about yourself, but think about your guests as well. Other than that, furnish it any way you see fit.

If you can, build or purchase a bar. This is an awesome addition to any rec room. If you have a collection of shot glasses or liquor miniatures this would be the perfect place to store them. Also, if you and your friend mainly drink beer as opposed to hard liquor, get a beer dispenser. You can get one pretty inexpensively, but if you want one that you’ll be satisfied with, it’s worth it to spend a little extra. In addition, have a small refrigerator in this area for snacks and beverages.

As far as the walls go, I would suggest paneling. After all, it’s a basement. It may sound cliché, but it’s low maintenance and it looks nice. For the carpeting, I would suggest anything dark. If you’re going to be doing a lot of entertaining in this room, that means a lot of traffic will be coming through. Also, note that you and your friends will probably be drinking a lot of alcohol in this room. All of these facts put together are a recipe for messes and spills, so dark carpeting will hide the stains best.

A great addition if money allows is remote control lighting system. Just imagine you’re getting ready to watch a movie on your big flat screen TV with your pimped up sound system. You’re all ready to go and you sit down. Then you realize that you forgot to turn out the lights to get the whole “movie theater” effect. No problem. Just grab your lighting remote and turn out the lights. It’s perfect for the laziest of recreationers.

The Finishing Touches
After you’ve gotten all of your furniture and your entertainment devices and equipment, you’re just about done. All that’s left is some simple decorating. Don’t worry. The decorating in this room will be fun and easy. Pictures of you and your buddies are perfect for this room. Leave the family pictures in your living room; they have no place here. If you have pictures or autographs of famous people, display them in a special spot in the room.

Also, any trophies that you’ve ever won should go in this room. Let me rephrase that. Any cool trophies that you’ve won should be displayed. Take your old high school marching band trophies and awards and put them in a closet – or burn them.

If you’re into something like NASCAR or baseball, display some memorabilia around the room. Even if you’re into science fiction or horror movies, you might want to figure out something to do with those things in your décor.

That’s basically it. This will undoubtedly be the most fun room in your house to decorate and it won’t feel like a chore. Also, you can pretty much guarantee that if you like it and think it’s a great idea, so will your friends, so you all will get hours of enjoyment out of it every weekend.

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