Nerd Heaven with Princess Leia

Contrary to popular belief, the nerd world is not full of only Obi-wans, biomechanical robots, and space monsters, but has contributed many things to mankind. Some are forgotten forever, while some have turned iconic. Some icons are pretty women with beautiful faces, hot bodies, and kick-ass personalities to boot. Case in point: Princess Leia.

The “metal bikini” is a costume worn by Princess Leia in the film Return of the Jedi.  Jabba the Hutt made the tough princess wear this outfit after he captured her, in order to humiliate her in front of his subjects. In the end, the costume actually saved her because she used the chain that came with it to strangle her captor. The costume also fueled the fantasies and won her the undying admiration of nerdy boys, and men, for generations to come. How’s that for women’s empowerment? Now before you judge this to be a promotional post for George Lucas, take a long, hard look at the hotness below.

I take it that your interest has been piqued.

That’s Carrie Fisher, the actress who played the hot princess in the Star Wars franchise, and she was the first to titillate the senses of men and nerds alike. Since then, many women followed in her footsteps. The costume has now gone mainstream and was even worn by Yvonne Strahovski in the show Chuck and Kristen Bell in the movie Fanboys.  This costume has continued to be very popular among women during Halloween and, of course, sci-fi conventions—all the more reason to head down to your local convention, eh, boys?

For women who dress up as Princess Leia for whatever occasion, wearing that costume channels her kick-ass spirit. It’s not bad for the men either, given that men obviously want their inner bells ringing. So I say we have a win-win situation here.

No matter how tainted the nerd culture is for many men out there, Princess Leia wipes the slate clean. Do you hear her soft voice telling you that it’s okay to be a nerd, or at least you shouldn’t hate them? Listen to her voice for she means well.

So guys, before you call somebody a nerd, remember Princess Leia. She will change your mind and she will absolve you from all your sins against nerd kind.


And to George Lucas and the Star Wars creative team, we here at Amog would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this heavenly treasure.

[All cosplay images from www.freshpainted.com.]

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