Career Planning for the “Right” Reasons: Professions that Attract Women

“What do you do for a living?”

“What’s your profession?”

“Where do you work?”

Society puts a lot of emphasis on our professions and it almost becomes a part of our identity. This is true for both men and women, though it seems as if there’s more credence put on a man’s profession. It’s true that some professions are sexier to women than others.

Again, because a profession becomes part of our identity, if we have a sexy profession, it then makes us sexier. So what are the top professions that women find attractive and will entice them to hit on men?


1. Singer/ Musician

You’ve seen the footage of how all of the women went crazy for Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Though women may be a little more sophisticated now in that they probably wouldn’t attempt to tear a musician to pieces, women still think that singers and musicians are incredibly sexy.

If you’re in a rock or pop band, it tells a woman that you’re a “bad boy” and you’ll have more phone numbers than you’ll know what to do with and will obviously attract the party girl type. If you’re more of a classical man and play the piano or violin, you still have a shot at a different type of woman. These women will be looking for a casual relationship or a long-term relationship.

If you’re into jazz and play a saxophone, then women will see your fun side and will love you. Jazz musicians attract party girls, one-night stands, and women looking for a casual relationship. The important thing is that you have talent. If you suck as a musician, then no woman will find that attractive.


2. Doctor

Of course, it’s no big secret that women are attracted to doctors. Naturally, money is a large factor in this attraction. However, the other part of it is the fact that doctors know a lot about the human body. Women find that intriguing. Usually doctors don’t attract women that are looking for a one-night stand, although it does happen.

A lot of times doctors attract a women that wants a long-term relationship. However, this relationship is not based on love, but rather money and material possessions.


3. Firefighter

The risk taker is very attractive to women. Of course, firefighters risk their lives to save others and it’s very admirable, but women find it irresistible. The fact that they get dirty and sweaty doesn’t hurt either.

Firefighters usually attract women with a lot of passion. This could be women that want a commitment or women that are only after a one-nigh stand and anything in between.


4. Lifeguard

Just as men are attracted to female lifeguards, women are just as attracted to male lifeguards, if not more so. Not only are the lifeguards wearing next to nothing, but also it’s the old “damsel in distress” syndrome combined with the fact that women love a man that knows how to take charge.

Also, lifeguards are required to be certified in CPR. This means that lifeguard’s know mouth to mouth. Lifeguards attract one-night stands, women that just want a casual relationship, and women that want a long-term relationship (in other words, all women!)


5. Actor/ Entertainer

Of course women are attracted to the men in Hollywood just as men are attracted to the women in Hollywood. However, this is also true for entertainers on a smaller scale and even on a local level. For instance comedians, storytellers, magicians, and local bands are among the men that are highly desirable to women. Mainly the type of women this type of profession attracts are one night stands (i.e the night you perform in front of them.)


6. Bartender

The bartender is in a party environment and still maintains a sort of professionalism while being friendly. As men are attracted to women bartenders for this reason, women are also attracted to male bartenders. Beware that if you make this a profession or a part time gig that men will pick up on this being a profession that women are attracted to and you may get a lot of men angry because they think that you’re hitting on their women.


7. Veterinarian

Veterinarians make a lot of money like regular doctors do, but they also show their caring side because they love animals. This will attract women that want a sensitive man and want a long-term relationship. Of course, this type of woman also must love animals and probably has several pets.


8. Handyman

Women have fantasies about men coming to their house to do work. This could be a plumber, an electrician, a painter, a carpenter, or even a refrigerator repairman. The type of women that this attracts is obviously a one-night stand, or more to the point a “right here and right now” type of woman. Beware that handymen attract single and married women.


9. Athlete

Women love the idea of men being big and strong. So, even if you’re not a great athlete, you’ll attract women. Of course, the better athletes attract more women. Usually athletes attract beautiful but shallow women. They can want just a one-night stand, a casual relationship, or a serious relationship, but won’t be able to hold too much of a conversation.


10. CEO/ Entrepreneur

Presidents or owners of companies are professionals, which means big money. This is attractive to women, of course. Also, CEOs and entrepreneurs know how to take charge and women also find this attractive. Beware that this occupation usually attracts gold diggers and really not much else. A sensible woman realizes that a CEO may be too demanding and won’t have a lot of time for her.


11. Servicemen

You’ve heard the old saying that women can’t resist a man in uniform. Well, it’s not just an old saying because it still holds true for today’s woman. All the way back until at least World War I, and maybe even before then, women have been attracted to men in the service.

Whether our country is at war or at peace, men in the service are irresistible. Service-men attract all types of women: women that want to settle down and have a family, party girls, and everything in between.


12. Bouncer

A bouncer is one who is normally very muscular and can take charge in a tough situation. Also, bouncers give off the impression that they’re not afraid to fight if they have to. This is attractive to women because a man like this will make them feel safe. Plus, women love the tough guy image. Usually, bouncers attract clingy women and party girls.


13. Stuntman

Stuntmen are sexy to women because they’re real life daredevils. A lot of women are attracted to “bad boys” and daredevils are “bad boys”. Stuntmen usually attract party girls and not women that are looking for a long-term commitment.


14. Scientist / Lab Technician

This may sound strange, but a lot of women are attracted to the nerdy guys. It’s something about the combination between a lab coat and a pair of glasses that can drive some women wild. They like the studious and serious side to a man. Usually scientists and lab technicians will attract goal-oriented women who have a bit of a wild side that they don’t show too often.


15. Artist

Artists such as painters and sculptors attract women because they give off the air that they’re sensitive. Sculptors are also known for having nice hands. Artists will attract women that are true romantics. These types of women usually think outside of the box when it comes to the men that they want, and if they stick around are usually keepers; most artists are of the “starving” kind, so you don’t need to worry about attracting the gold-digger type, but rather women who are attracted to ambition.


16. Information Technology Professional

Again, computer technicians are attractive to women because these men are traditionally geeks. However, they are geeks that are not only goal driven, but also they normally have a wild side. Conversely, some men in the information technology profession are men that have a wild side, but also decided to find a profession where they could be successful.

Computer technicians attract women in a similar way that handymen do, but also with a little bit of nerdy attraction like with the scientists. This profession can attract party girls and career driven goal-oriented women. These women can be looking for a long-term relationship, but more than likely are only looking for something casual.

So, now you know what professions attract women the most. If you’re in one of these professions, have you noticed some of the things mentioned in this article? If you’re not in one of these professions, what qualities does your profession have that you may be able to accentuate to women?

Another option that you may want to consider if you want to attract women through your career is taking up a hobby such as volunteering at the fire department, painting in your spare time, playing sports, or becoming a part time bartender. From this article, you can also tell what you will want to steer away from if a particular career or hobby attracts a type of woman that you’re not interested in.

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