RageGage Giveaway on SoJones!

Eliminate stress by venting up into something that’s harmless and funny with the new RageGage, a dynamic, customizable smash pad designed to take the worst manner of physical abuse that you can dish out during a temper tantrum so that you can quickly rid yourself of pent up anger and get back to whatever pissed you off in the first place. Smash the soft gel pad of the RageGage and it will detect whether you are adequately and healthfully releasing your anger by antagonizing you to induce healthy rage release. If RageGage detects unsafe rage levels, it will begin to issue calming instructions to bring your blood pressure back down.

With this breakthrough, individuals who are prone to getting angry easily and with the extreme range of anger will no longer need to engage in anger management lessons. Cooling down your temper through the RageGage fun-to-smash character voices guarantees you with a stress-free session that will release any pent up anger. You can custom your RageGage voices and can share it online with friends while other featured voices can be downloaded from RageGage homepage.

Still not convinced? Give yourself a try of this anger-releasing fun device by joining SoJones contest for a chance to win any of the four (4) RageGages offered as freebies. Control your temper, eliminate anger.

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