Recycled Glass Bottle House: One Green Extreme?

No more ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, as that old ditty goes. Try six million glass bottles and you have not a wall but an entire home! For one innovative artistic builder named Tito Ingenieri, this enormous project took two decades to complete. Why did he do it? Read on for maybe an answer.

To say that Tito Ingenieri is an eclectic artist is to say the very least about him. He is also a very patient man, as he constructed this monumental structure or do-it-yourself-scrap house, piece by piece. Although some of the work on the wall serves a structural purpose, it is mostly decorative, that is if you can consider recycled glass bottles and trash as workable elements of home décor. Artistically, Ingenieri draws no boundaries between function and ornamentation; solid glass mud and cement surfaces morph into towers and wannabe gargoyles that scallop the grounds.

As far as Ingenieri is concerned, he has not only built the ideal home but also one that has a built-in alarm system that warns locals when the nearby river is rising. It seems that the necks of the bottles whistle when they are exposed to the southern winds. Well known as a character from a place called Quimes, Argentina, a city about an hour south of Buenos Aires, Ingenieri won’t permit his artistic muse to stop with glass bottles. Sculptures and clothing and even boots have been made from trash, abandoned tires, hub caps and discarded metal material, all of which adorn the area surrounding this one-of-a kind abode.

Ingenieri must get credit for his lofty recycling strategies. He scours the streets in search of glass bottles and asks friends and neighbors to save their old ones for his special needs.

Ingenieri = ingenious in every sense of the word.

Hats (or should we say, trash) off to you!

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