On the Road: 2013 Lincoln MKZ

Source: 2013 Lincoln MKZ/ Lincoln Official Website

Car news site Autoweek, posted images of 2013 Lincoln MKZ on the road last Monday. The car looks like ready for production, if not because of its missing badges on the tail. It is also unknown why it is on a flatbed rather than taking the road on its own.

The vehicle debuted last April during the New York auto show, and it will be available for purchase later this year. With a starting price of $41,000, the 2013 Lincoln MKZ will have a panoramic glass roof, MyLincoln Touch, and its power source will come from any of the three: 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder, 3.7-liter V6, or hybrid drivetrain with 2.0 liter four-cylinder.

Meet the 2013 Lincoln MKZ

As posted on Lincoln’s official website, the car manufacturer described the exterior style of its 2013 Lincoln MKZ as:

A study in elegance and simplicity. Dramatic, sweeping lines converge to create a truly transformative design. Its aerodynamic appearance is crowned by the newly refined interpretation of the Lincoln signature split-wing grille. Pedestal side mirrors add a jewel-like touch of artistry. The sense of fluidity continues with the stunning interior for a look that’s completely seamless—and uniquely Lincoln.

On the other hand, the car’s interior was inspired by the graceful lines of the manta ray. It has an electronic shifter that frees the center console, allowing for an open space. The automaker’s MyLincoln Touch is seamlessly integrated in the vehicle, with its world-class leather and wood, as well as accent lights that line the interior.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ also has a panoramic glass roof, which offers a remarkable view and fills the cabin with natural light. It also has an optional feature, wherein a user can retract the roof to bring the outside in—thanks to visionary engineering. The car also features the standard LED head and tail lamps. It lights up faster and last longer than a conventional bulb, and it emits crisp and sharp lights.

It also has the new 2.0-liter 1-4 EcoBoost Engine, boasting the performance of a V6 with the efficiency of an I-4. In addition, potential owners of 2013 Lincoln MKZ can opt in to have the 2.0-liter Hybrid Engine to enjoy hybrid performance without sacrificing luxury or design.


For $41,000, the 2013 Lincoln MKZ looks well-equipped. But no matter how nice-looking the car is, one still needs to see it in person to know if it’s worth the price.

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