Road Rage USA

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Everyone has heard the tales of road rage: from flashed brights to knife fights, being cut-off to having something cut-off, there are plenty of reasons to be courteous (and maybe a little fearful) of other drivers.

New York City has the “honor” of having the angriest, most aggressive, most assertive drivers in the United States, and Dallas is surprisingly second. Other cities like Detroit and Atlanta are also high on the list for road rage, and road rage-related accidents.

The most common responses to idiotic driving is horn honking, with yelling coming in a close second. Though most people relate road rage to people flipping the bird, it actually only ranks third in responses to bad driving. Other tactics like flashing headlights, and Old Testament-style eye-for-an-eye driving, are also common, whereas assaults and stalking are much less frequent. These rage infuriated drivers also help to drive the cost of car insurance through the roof, especially in New York.

What should you know before you go, in order to be safe in the Big Apple, and at home? The most infuriating thing drivers do, according to those with rage, is talking on the phone while driving. Other things that will peeve the peevish New York natives include tailgating, and eating while driving. If you want to be safe from yourself, and those with road rage, cut these activities out of your driving routine!

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