Robot Stands In For Office Workers: Call in Sick Today!

Talk about having your own personal robot! With one of California’s Anybots, office workers can virtually be in two places at once and don’t need to make up stores about where they have been!

The five-foot robot answers to the name, QB, and he/she can act as a stand in if you are stuck working at home, away on business (monkey or otherwise) or even stuck in a meeting or delayed in a traffic jam.

QB can save the day for the multi-tasker, so to speak, and is controlled by the Internet from anywhere in the world. Seated at your desk, QB is activated by a simple log-in process and can be programmed to even bustle around the office, conversing with colleagues and spreading gossip by the old proverbial water cooler.

QB is able to do this because a camera situated in its head grants the user the ability to see where the robot is going, and via a headset, can redirect power over to a colleague and converse with them.

According to a spokesman from Anybots:

“When you’re logged in, the robot’s eyes are glowing so your colleagues know you’re there. They can just come up to you and ask questions, and you can answer back. If you’re needed in a meeting or in the lab, just drive the robot there. The robots can be shared among as many people as you like. People who work from home will probably prefer to have their own private robot, which they might customize to represent themselves.”

Of course, QB comes at quite a cost. Playing hookey will run the average busy executive about $15,000. Could this become a viable tax write-off? While that perhaps remains to be seen, Anybots is currently developing an application that will allow the user to control QB from an iPhone.

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