The Roving Mammoth: The Coolest Vehicle Ever

There’s not too many things to get excited about during the winter. Most of us are trapped inside the house because it’s either too damn cold outside, or, we’re bed ridden from the flu. However, there’s one thing that most of us do enjoy this time of year, skiing. If there is one thing that can top hitting the slopes, it has to be to devouring tacos. I know, it sounds like a strange duo, but it’s true. That’s why the Roving Mammoth delivers the best of both worlds.

This thing is one of the coolest, and most bad-ass, vehicles that I’ve seen in a quite some time. The Roving Mammoth was designed by a veteran Mammoth Mountain ops, which is where this bad boy will reside, who simply took two retrofitted 330hp Edge snowcats from Pistenbully to create this beast. Thus far, the Roving Mammoth is North America’s first-ever on-mountain, snow-tracked food truck. Currently there’s only the taco truck. It serves an awesome sounding green chili/egg/beans/salsa morning wrap for breakfast and your typical beef, chicken, bean or cheese burrito for lunch. There are plans for the Mammoth to eventually serve up freshly baked calzones, a personal favorite of mine, and churros stuffed with cream cheese and strawberries.

The idea of this Roving Mammoth is already too awesome for me to handle, but there are some finer details that make this even more awesome, as if that was possible. The truck is also equipped with a metal grate over one side of the tracks, which means, that you can actually walk up a small staircase and place your order through a typical take-out window. Besides food, you can also order any sort of drink you desire, from coffee to Red Bull to Vitaminwater, but unfortunately, no alcohol, hopefully that will change.

The Roving Mammoths began their services late last month for the Christmas rush, so I’m curious how the response has been. For now, you can only find them at Mammoth Mountain, which is located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. Since the mountain is known for it’s abundant amount of snowfall, about 400″ annually, these Roving Mammoths will have their work cut of for them. But, I have a feeling that they’re up for the task.

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