Now You Can Safely Drink and Drive with the Octane 120 Driving Arcade

Us men are simple creatures. There’s really only a handful of things that we actually care about, mainly sports, babes, video games and beer.

So, when you combine any of these, it makes one happy camper.

With that in mind here’s the Octane 120 Driving Arcade.

This in home arcade has literally raised the bar when compared to one of our favorite inventions the Arkeg.

This beauty is fully loaded, kinda like Herbie, but with beer.

While it’s limited to 12 classic, and modern, racing races, customers can get a choice a “high end” gaming  PC, a PS3, or a Xbox360, so you can also play all of your favorite games, with the assistance of a joystick.

It also features a 120 inch portable protector, 5.1 audio system, and best of all, is able to hold either two 5 gallon kegs or one 1/2 keg.

If you notice, there’s a conveniently located cup holder, with a tap right above it, plus a tap in the back for all of your spectators.

The biggest downside is that it will set you back about seven grand, but, given the opportunity to drink and drive, without leaving the comfort of your home, could be worth every penny. Unless you’re one of those guys that likes blowing your cash on lawyers, fines, running over people and spending time in jail.

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