Scientists Find Odd Uses for Dry Water

Resembling powdered sugar, dry water has the potential to revolutionize the utilization of chemicals. According to Science, researchers presented some additional uses for this substance at the 240th annual meeting of the American Chemical Society in Boston. Some of these included a greener more efficient method of promoting chemical reactions involved in the development of hundreds of consumer products and the absorption and the storage of carbon dioxide, which is the major greenhouse gas responsible for global warming.

Dry water can provide a safer way to store and transport hazardous industrial materials. Each particle of dry water contains a water droplet surrounded by a sandy silica coating, which is the same material that comprises ordinary beach sand. In fact, 95 percent of dry water is ”wet” water. According to Dr. Ben Carter, from the University of Liverpool, England:

“There’s nothing else quite like it. Hopefully, we may see “dry water” making waves in the future. The substance earned its nickname because it is 95 percent water and yet is a dry powder. The silica coating prevents the water droplets from combining and turning back into a liquid…”

Dry water accelerates chemical reactions that are vital to processes used to produce drugs, food ingredients and other consumer products. The extent of its uses in the war against global warming is yet to be discovered, but tests do indicate that dry water is more than three times better at absorbing carbon dioxide that ordinary water. It is possible that dry water may provide a solution for the storage of methane and thus expand the energy source potential of natural gas.

Dr. Carter firmly believes that dry water emulsions could transform the harmful aspects of transporting dangerous liquids into a fear of the past. The new technology that would develop these emulsions could create mixtures of two usually “unblendable” liquids such as oil and water. (There may be a need to alter that archaic saying about the two not mixing well.)

The only problem is that dry water won’t quench anyone’s thirst and if you are thirsty with only this stuff around, you are simply out of luck.

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