Security Hole in iOS 6.1 Lets Anyone Bypass an iPhone’s Lockscreen

Apple iOS 6 on iDevices | Official Website

Apple iOS 6 on iDevices | Official Website

A new security flaw discovered in Apple’s mobile operating system allows anyone to bypass an iPhone’s lockscreen. The devices affected by this vulnerability are those running iOS 6.1. Due to this, other users can access the handset’s contacts, voicemails and photos.

Bypassing an iPhone’s Lockscreen

The steps of bypassing a locked iPhone were documented by Jailbreak Nation in a YouTube video. It involves making, and then cancelling, an emergency call and holding down the power button a couple of times during the process. The steps are as follows:

  1. Lock device
  2. Slide to unlock
  3. Tap emergency call
  4. Hold sleep button until the power down prompt shows. Click cancel, you will notice the status bar turn blue. Type in 211 or your emergency number and click call then cancel it ASAP so the call doesn’t go through.
  5. Lock your device with the sleep button then turn it on using the home button.
  6. Slide to unlock then hold the sleep button and in 3 seconds tap emergency call. This will spazz out the phone and cause it to open.

By following the precise method in the video, anyone can view and modify contacts, listen to the handset’s voicemail, and browse their photos. However, it is yet to be known whether the flaw allows access for email or the Web.

It should be recalled that a nearly identical vulnerability, which affected iPhones running iOS 4.1, was discovered in October 2010. The said glitch also enables access to contacts, call history and voicemail on a passcode-locked handset without the need to know its required numeric entry code.


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