10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

If there is one thing we can all agree on when it comes to the NFL, its that the cheerleaders are hot.

Even the most dedicated fan has a hard time feeling any sort of animosity toward the cheerleaders at all. In fact, they’re not the enemy; just the team they root for.

With reference to these gorgeous babes of the NFL, you have surely noticed that some of the uniforms accentuate the girls’ bodies more than others and some of the styles are sexier than others.

Here below we have gathered the Top 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms from the 2008 season.

10. Miami Dolphins

dolphins stephanie 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

Though the Miami Dolphins football team has a lot to be desired lately and finished in last place during the 2007 season with a record of 1-15, I must defend them.

They have a great distraction in these beautiful ladies and their hot uniforms. They show sufficient cleavage and accentuate the legs nicely. The long white boots help to accentuate the legs too.

9. Oakland Raiderettes

oakland raiders 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

In 2007, the Oakland Raiders finished out their season with a shameful 4-12 record, but the Raiderettes are on fire.

The top could accentuate the chest a little more, but this can be forgiven since the top is tough and sexy at the same time.

The design of the bottoms is bound to accentuate the legs of any Raiderette, short or tall.

8. Cincinnati Ben-Gals

cincinnati bengals 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

In the 2007 season, the Cincinnati Bengal were a mediocre team that didn’t even make it into the playoffs. However, if you take a look at their cheerleaders, you can’t call them losers.

This uniform is hot! It shows some great cleavage, but the girl has to be built for it. They all look good, but they don’t all look as good as Tiffany (shown) who fills out the top portion of the uniform very nicely.

The skirt is sexy with the slit in the right place and I love the placement of the “B”s. I also love the placement and design of the stripes. However, I think the gloves are overkill, but now I’m just nitpicking.

Who’s going to be looking at her hands?

7. Seattle Sea Gals

seattle seagals 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

The 2007 season proved to be pretty decent for the Seattle Seahawks football team. With a record of 10-6, they went to the playoffs.

When their journey to the Super Bowl ended short, look what they had still cheering them on! The sexiest thing about these uniforms is that they’re simple.

They show an ample amount of flesh to make life interesting and the bottoms are really tight!

6. New Orleans Saintsations

new orleans saints 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

Holy Smoke! Look at the ladies that cheer on the team with the holy name!

First of all, I think the black and gold is sexy on all of the girls.

Secondly, the tops show off some good cleavage, and lastly, I love the look of the bottoms – and I like the uniform shorts too.

5. Baltimore Ravens

baltimore ravens 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

Though the Baltimore Ravens didn’t do much in the way of winning football games in the 2007 season, the cheerleaders of 2008 look very promising.

The top is cut so that it’s flattering to any bust line and the opening in the chest area is hot! The skirts are tight and sexy except for the dumb bird on them, but I guess they have to have the team logo.

Lastly, the girls look fantastic in white.

4. Washington Redskinettes

washington redskins2 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

Geographically close to the Baltimore Ravens, the Redskins’ cheerleaders are also a close match, though I think these uniforms are just a little better than the Ravens’ uniforms.

The tops have a push-up feature that give these girls a lift in all the right places.

Also, their shorts are so short that you can see a little bit of butt cheek.

3. Dallas Cowboys

dallas cheer 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

It doesn’t get more American than the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

The tops show off nice cleavage, though I’m not so sure I like the white vests. I think it detracts from what’s important. The shorts are H-O-T, hot!

Again, you can see butt cheek and the design with the stars and the buckle- whew – is on fire!

2. Kansas City Chiefs

kc cheer 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

The Kansas City Chiefs did poorly in football last year with a record of 4-12 at the end of the season and I honestly don’t think things will get much better for them this year, but they sure do have some hot babes pulling for them.

The red bikini-like tops are red hot and the shorts are ultra tight and ultra short.

Also, the high cut white high-heeled boots are sooo sexy.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

tampa bay buccaneers 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

When you go to a football game, this is not what you expect the cheerleaders to look like.

These girls look even better! These outfits are hot! They do justice for any figure and make them all look like everything is in the right place!


buc cheer01 10 Sexiest Cheerleading Uniforms in the NFL

So, if the chips are down this season and your team is losing miserably, come here to visit your favorite cheerleaders wearing the sexiest cheerleading uniforms in the world.

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    Cardiff has a cheerleading shop there but i don't know where exactly i am looking for black and gold outfits

  3. I am a Seahawks fan from Sao Paulo, Brazil.
    I really liked your blog with the Seahawks mention item. I grew up watching Curt Warner and Dave Kreig.
    I try to follow as much NFL news as I can with the internet.

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    Womens' lib in the 1970s killed tv football's cut-aways to the great shots of the cheerleaders. Idea is gradually coming back but no real pans over the best parts. How can you have sex and violence without the sex?
    Oh, well, American porno videos have taken over the job of stirring the male animal, so tv football and feature movies can be sexless.
    Today's feature movies are for 9 year olds, and 9year old minds….. TRANSFORMERS, really!

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    I think the GB Packer cheerleaders have the best uniforms!

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    I think the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders uniform is the best. The vest just adds to the whole image and it doesn't make the uniform too sleezy. But Tampa's uniform is very hot too.

  15. Justin says:

    worst ranking. texans cheerleaders not on here is the biggest mistake