Timothy Millers Creates Stained Glass Geekness

Spring is officially in bloom, which means, that you should be getting off the couch to start doing some much needed home improvements after the winter weather’s harshness. If you’re looking to replace those battered windows, then we’ve got you covered.

Artist Timothy Miller, who goes by the alas AutobotWonko on DeviantArt, has created some nerdtastic stained glass windows that helps us forget all about the horrendous Transformers 2.

Besides the awesome Transformers panes, he’s also designed windows based on Thundercats, GI Joe and some classic comic book characters. Oh yeah, there’s a wood carving too.

Let’s hope this guy keeps up this amazing work. Because, as you’ll see, if you actually had these in your house, you would be the envy of geeks everywhere.

Autobot emblem

Another Autobots emblem

Decepticon logo

Optimus Prime





Cobra symbol

Thundercats emblem

Thundercats Wood Carving emblem

Superman logo

Green Lantern symbol

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  1. Superman logo is upside-down. Not installed yet?