The Worst Men’s Figure Skating Outfits From the 2010 Winter Olympics

You might have heard recently about Johnny Weir, USA Men’s Olympic figure skater, being scared about “very serious threats” from anti-fur activists. Apparently, the activists are up in arms about Weir’s outfit has white fox fur on its shoulders. He is so afraid that he didn’t want to leave the Olympic compound. He eventually relented and replaced the real fur with faux, but this whole brouhaha begs another question: why do figure skaters, especially male ones, even need any kind of fur on their skating outfits?

I know pageantry is an important part of figure skating, but the outfits at times can be laughable. Now let’s get one thing straight: I don’t know or care if any of the figure skaters are homosexual or not, this isn’t about sexuality, it’s about their lame outfits. Let’s gawk at the strangest figure skating outfits from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

But first… isn’t Blades of Glory such a great movie?


10. Takahiko Kozuka

His short program outfit resembles something out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Era closet:

9. Tomas Verner

Mr. Verner looked like a sailor boy:

8. Adrian Schultheiss

This Swede looks like an angry snow leopard:

7. Stephane Lambiel

Stephane, from Switzerland, looks like a bad version of Prince Charming in Sleeping Beauty on ice:

6. Michal Brezina

This Czech skater looks like he stopped off at the country club before competing in the Olympic’s free program:

5. Paolo Bacchini

This Italian’s outfit resembles a colorful mime costume:

4. Evgeny Plushenko

This little Russian prick makes the list for being a sore loser and hatin’ on Gold Medal winner Evan Lysacek’s routine. Sweet rhinestone suit ya got there, Mr. Silver.

3. Kevin van der Perren

Wow, cool skeleton suit………




It was cooler in Donnie Darko.

2. Johnny Weir

Here is the fur outfit that caused the uproar:

Here is Weir’s weird purple man-corset outfit from the his short program run at this year’s Olympics:

Take a gander at his long program outfit:

1. Samuel Contesti

In the short program this Italian wore…. overalls????? This takes the cake, Mama Mia!

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  1. Jelis says:

    Right, but that’s why they’re called COSTUMES, sweetie. They’re not meant to be stylish, something you’d wear to a red carpet event, or even something you’d wear to hit the streets. These guys have choreographed a routine with a specific character or story in mind. Obviously their costumes are going to match that role, same as any other art form with costumes. They’re only lame if taken out of context.

  2. Josh says:

    Another misuse of "begs the question." Fun article, but clean up the writing, guys.

  3. Car says:

    Sorry, but your #10 is actually bronze medalist Daisuke Takahashi, not Takahiko Kozuka. Incidentally, I thought both he and his short program costume was smoking hot!
    Takahashi Daisuke, Kakko-ii!

  4. olivia says:

    yes, that is johnny weir's long program outfit….from two years ago. that plus misnaming daisuke takahashi already makes this list a lazy mess, but to top it all off, i think you need to learn the difference between "bad" and "unusual".

  5. I like to watch ice skating, when I was a little boy, I read some comics book about ice skating. But I agreed.. girl on ice skating more more more interesting than a man 🙂

  6. not kewl says:

    Costumes are meant to be bright and colourful, eccentric and not fitting in style, fashion whatsoever. AND if you think of it, every one of the skaters had a certain image they wanted to maintain to go along with their competition routine.
    Wish the author had less of stereotypical perception of things. What he wrote here was quite humorous but not to be taken seriously.