Believe It or Not: the Strangest Museums the World Has Ever Seen

Sometimes a trip the museum can be fulfilling, depending on which type of one you go to. Some offer world-renowned art, while others offer fossils and remnants of the past.

However, here are the twenty strangest museums that are out there, either because someone doesn’t have a life or we want get disturbed by the past. Don’t worry, you won’t find anything done by Picasso.


20. Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum; Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

This is one place that’s definitely different. This museum is solely dedicated to ventriloquists, their dummies, and the people who create those dummies.


19. Marikina City Shoe Museum; Marikina City, Philippines

Located in the Philippines, home of former first lady Imelda Marcos (who sported a collection of 2,500 pairs of shoes) this museum would make her proud, but make men shrill. In fact, 749 pairs of her shoes are on display here.


18. The Lunchbox Museum; Columbus, Georgia

Do you remember what kind of lunchbox you took to school as a kid? I bet if you looked long enough you could find a look-alike in this place, if you’re in the mood to reminisce.


17. Jell-O Museum; Le Roy, New York

Have you ever wondered about the science behind Jell-O? No? Well, that’s okay, me neither. But, here you’ll find out all you ever wanted to know about Jell-O, if you care. You’ll see the Jell-O ads over the years (yes, Bill Cosby is shown in the museum) and learn how Jell-O is made.


16. New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum; New Orleans, Louisiana

If it’s not creepy enough to have a museum on voodoo, New Orleans had to have one on the history of voodoo. This way you can see how different rituals derived from folklore. I wonder if there is a section dedicated to Weekend at Bernie’s 2.


15. The Trash Museum; Hartford, Connecticut

Most guys could probably agree that all you see at a museum is a bunch of garbage. So why not actually have one on all things trash? They say it’s quite interesting, but how much fun can trash actually be?


14. Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum; Yokohama, Japan

Here’s a place dedicated to one of the least expensive, and popular, bachelor meals on the market – ramen noodle soup. If it’s not enough to have a museum on ramen noodles, they even made this into an entire amusement park.


13. Icelandic Phallological Museum; Húsavík, Iceland

I never thought I’d see the day when an entire museum would be dedicated to penises… but here we are. Luckily, there are no human specimens, but there are over 200 penises of various species here.


12. Cockroach Hall of Fame; Plano, Texas

Seriously, a museum of cockroaches? Not only are there displays of dead cockroaches, but also live hissing cockroaches.


11. Museum of Torture; Amsterdam

If you’re interested in this sort of history, or are just intrigued, you may want to take a look around if you’re ever in Amsterdam, if you’re not busy with other recreations. Their displays attempt to depict the history of different torturous techniques used over the centuries.


10. National Museum of Health and Medicine; Washington D.C.

You’ll see a lot of great things in this museum, such as malformed fetuses, nasty head wounds, and lots of skeletons. Originally, it was founded back in 1962 to improve medical conditions during the Civil War. Now it’s only purpose is to serve our curiosity.


9. Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia; Burlingame, California

Remember all those  Pez dispensers you once threw away? Turns out that some of them are worth quite a bit. If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane, or have nothing better to do, it could be worth the visit.


8. Vibrator Museum and Masturbation Hall of Fame; San Francisco, California

Thought you’ve seen it all by now, right? Think again. Only in San Francisco could we have a place dedicated to self-pleasure.


7. Leila’s Hair Museum; Independence, Missouri

Leave it up to a woman to create a hair museum.. Leila Calhoon has over 150 wreaths and thousands of pieces of jewelry containing, or made of, human hair. And you thought your girlfriend was obsessed.

Glore Museum

6. Glore Psychiatric Museum; St. Joseph, Missouri

This makes you wonder about the people out there in Missouri. Here you can find the history of treatments of mental illnesses; and yes, a lot of them are disturbing by today’s standards.


5. Burlesque Hall of Fame; Las Vegas, Nevada

The Burlesque Hall of Fame used to be called Exotic World, which was located in Helendale, California. Now it’s a museum dedicated to burlesque and it’s history in none other than Sin City.


4. The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices; St. Paul, Minnesota

Have you ever looked at the history of medicine and either laughed or been horrified at it? Inside the Science Museum of Minnesota, you’ll find the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices and you can see for yourself that these contraptions really existed.


3. The Mütter Museum; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Here you can find a collection of pathological matter that helped with medical research. Now people just go to get grossed out.


2. Sulabh Museum of Toilets; New Dehli, India

I appreciate indoor plumbing as much as the next guy, but do we need a museum dedicated completely to toilets and the history of them?


1. Museum of Bad Art; Boston, Massachusetts

Yes, this museum is actually dedicated to the preservation, appreciation, and celebration of bad art. It’s hard to believe that people could spend so much time and effort on things that hideous.

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  1. Wilhelm Donn Rhine says:

    what about the ripley's believe it or not in branson missouri

  2. Bob Dobbs says:

    What about the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Culver City, CA?? Human horns, micromosaics, sculptures on the heads of pins, floral radiographs, insects & more!

  3. Michael says:

    No. 10: "Originally, it was founded back in 1962 to improve medical conditions during the Civil War." – Um, they were a little late.

  4. gab says:

    What about the PEI Potato Museum???

  5. Alan Wild says:

    Might I nominate the National Museum of Funeral History outside of Houston, TX?

    This place is near my old aparatment and I would walk by it occasionally when I'd go on a stroll. Never been inside, though.

  6. Josh G says:

    Museum of sex machines in prague cz

  7. Matt says:

    Or these two classics in Chattanooga, TN..

    Dragon Museum (run by a local vet):
    International (!) towing & recovery hall of fame:

  8. offbeatmog says:

    Great feedback everyone keep 'em coming!

  9. Taylor says:

    Vacuum Museum in Portland, Oregon.

  10. Abdul says:

    Great List.. Its really interesting to see.. What the different types.. Fantastic.. Thanks for sharing..

  11. Aaron says:

    I am going to put in a vote for: Albino Squirrel Heaven, Cress Funeral, Madison WI
    Photos from it:

  12. thelovebug says:

    I went to the Corn Palace in Mitchell South Dakota last month!! Defintiely odd though not as strange as some on this list!!

  13. nice post! really very interesting to see these museums.thanks for sharing this great list!

  14. muse gumbo says:

    Mustard Museum, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin.

  15. You didn't mentioned Museum of Jurassic Technology. I have been there and found it the most strangest and weirdest museum I've ever seen. Its exhibits are old & falling apart, but this type of places are fun.if you have sense of wonder about these weird stuff. You should have involve this museum too.

  16. Brian says:

    Actually, the phallalogical museum does have human specimens, at least one, and it is claimed to be the "member" of Rasputin himself, who was apparently well-endowed and a real ladies' man.