SUBS: How Not To Keep A Good Pair of Pants Down

Andrew Lewis from New York City appears to have invented the perfect fashion accessory designed to keep those low-riding pants sagging at just the right level. “SUBS” an abbreviation for sub spenders, is actually a simple waist strap that fastens like a garter belt. Expandable straps that clip onto the pants hold them up so that young men everywhere can traipse the city streets with their pants scraping against the sidewalk and their butts exposed only up to a selected designation and no further.

In Lewis’s own words:

“Sagging is a huge issue in my community. I spent a lot of time observing and I noticed that even for saggers, there is a point, which even they are not comfortable with how their jeans were falling. Saggers are really excited about this product and, interestingly, so are sagging opponents.”

The clever invention can belong to you (and your saggy pants) for $30 at the online store:

Founded in 2007, Hatch Ventures LLC is known for its innovative consumer products and services. This garter belt for guys accommodates the “sagging trend” without subjecting the wearer and those unfortunate enough to be walking behind him to a mooning experience by day. Part suspenders and part garter belt, SUBS are designed to keep jeans from falling down by suspending them from a waist loop.

The suspension allows the wearer to exactly control how low those jeans can go because the fasteners are adjustable.

Although the aesthetic virtues of sagging are debatable, the unaesthetic qualities of tripping over your pants and appearing almost as naked as the day you were born are obvious.

One can only wonder however:

When will thus sagging sun trend ever go down?

Maybe we shouldn’t rush it because who knows what’s NEXT!

Happy pants.

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