Some Surprisingly Lethal Animals

While no one would be surprised to know that sharks and cobras and jungle cats are on this dangerous list, some might raise an eyebrow or two to hear about these creatures below that are just as deadly and even more so because they don’t look as if they would be. Read this list and shudder a bit. Then lock your doors and stay inside. Other things may get you there, but at least these critters aren’t likely to cross your path.

Male Bottle-Nosed Dolphin

Although most dolphins are placid and comfortable around humans, they do have the capacity to kill by employing their beaks as clubs and their sharp teeth to slash at their prey. Scientists believe that male bottlenose dolphins in particular can be incited to attack young girls because of the scent related to the release of hormones. Swimming with dolphins is a wonderful experience but it is not without its potential dangers.


Although no one ever believed stingrays were friendly, it wasn’t until one killed Steve Irwin in 2006 that the seriousness of an attack from one of these creatures from the deep came to light. Most confrontations involve mild venom from the tail, but when the stingray feels threatened and releases its barbs, they can and often do kill as many times they strike vital organs.

Poison Dart Frog

Its home is in the Pacific lowlands of Columbia and this adorable amphibian looks friendly and innocuous. It is, however, one of the most poisonous creatures in the world. Its name comes from the honored Amerindian tradition of dipping the tips of darts into the secreted poison. While these frogs don’t aggressively charge humans, their poison is lethal enough to kill 10 to 20 people!

Giant Anteater

This odd-looking Central and South American creature doesn’t look like it would hurt a fly (unless its disguised as an ant, in which case, it’s breakfast), but this mammal’s sharp 4-inch claws can kill a human being with a single swipe. They are quiet animals and will not disturb anyone (or anything) unless their territory is threatened. They can defend themselves very well against the fiercest of jungle cats and often win the battle.


Native to the rain forests of Australia and New Guinea, this large ostrich-like creature becomes very aggressive when its territory is threatened. Its claws, which are tools used to disembowel its victims are very dangerous. If left alone, they seldom attack but when bothered, they can become extremely feisty.

So stay away from these critters, my friends. Concentrate on those things that can happen while you are sitting in your home. Maybe then you will venture outside and if you do… remember, you are on your own!

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