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It appears that Sony Computer Entertainment did not release any updates for the PlayStation Store in Hong Kong. On the other hand, SCE rolled out an update for the people of Japan who own PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita or PlayStation Portable.

Every week, SCE updates the PlayStation Store in major regions worldwide, which brings in new content, add-ons and many more to eligible users. Meanwhile, AMOG catalogs the PlayStation Store update. Check out the complete rundown of the Japan Update below:

PS3 Games

  • Resident Evil 6

PS3 Add-on Content

  • Assassin’s Creed III DLC
  • Dream Club Complete Edipyon DLC
  • Puppeteer Wallpaper
  • Rocksmith DLC
  • Street Fighter X Tekken DLC

PS Vita Add-on Content

  • Street Fighter X Tekken DLC

Game Videos

  • Playview: Everybody’s Golf 6
  • Playview: Tokyo Jungle
  • The Unfinished Swan PV

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