Commanders of the Silver Screen: Ten Fictional Movie Presidents That Rocked

In real life, we’ve had 44 of them; in the movies, many more. Hollywood tends to have a different spin on things, and there are definitely some parallels, but with reference to fictional versus real presidents, they share something in common.

Some have sucked and others have stepped up and shone through above the rest. Out of all of the fictional presidents, here are ten that stick out as the best fictional movie presidents ever.

10. Michael Keaton as President Mackenzie, First Daughter (2004)

Surprisingly, Michael Keaton is not only believable as the President of the United States, but the role actually suits him rather well. In “First Daughter” (starring Katie Holmes), the role of Keaton’s character, President Mackenzie, is not one of political importance so much as it is to keep his daughter safe. Keaton has an awesome “take control” attitude, but also displays a sensitive side to this daughter.

9. Mark Harmon as President James Foster, Chasing Liberty (2004)

President James Foster (portrayed by Mark Harmon) is trying to find balance between being the parent of a rebellious teenage daughter and protecting her from danger in the romantic comedy “Chasing Liberty”. It’s funny to see how he reacts to parental issues such as coming to the realization that his daughter has a sexuality.

8. William Hurt as President Ashton, Vantage Point (2008)

President Ashton is in grave danger as he is the target in an international terrorist attack. The secret service and others have done everything they can to protect the president, but to no avail; the enemy has found and captured him. Ashton, though very much afraid when face to face with his captors, sows an excellent combination between cautious judgment and extreme courage.

7. Robin Williams as President Tom Dobbs, Man of the Year (2006)

Television personality and funny man Tom Dobbs decides to run for President of the Untied States as an independent in the election race. Little does he know that due to a computer glitch, he wins the election and becomesPresident Tom Dobbs.

Before election, his debates and speeches were entertaining and full of integrity. Afterwards, he learns that the election results were a mistake and takes an ethical course of action. The fictional world will never be sure how he would have done as president, but he’s got to be one of the most honest ever elected into office.

6. Bill Pullman as President Thomas J. Whitmore, Independence Day (1996)

If you look back at all of our presidents in real life, some have been in office during calm times and others have had to deal with our nation under crisis. None has ever been like the one that fictional president Thomas J. Whitmore must deal with in “Independence Day”.

This is not just a crisis for the United States, but is a crisis for the world as Earth is being invaded by enemy aliens. The president holds things together fairly well, but what’s most impressive is his motivational speech near the end of the movie where he declares that this July 4th gives new meaning to “Independence Day” as they prepare to destroy the enemy.

5. Tom Lister, Jr. as President Lindberg, The Fifth Element (1997)

President Lindberg has got to be the most intimidating president ever. In real life it’s highly doubtful that we’ll ever have a president like this, and would probably limit our number of enemies. With his huge build and fierce look, other leaders may fear a body slam more than a war.

4. Alan Alda as The President, Canadian Bacon (1995)

Alan Alda as the President of the United States? When he’s portraying him in “Canadian Bacon” it works. With Alda at the controls of our country, you know the movie’s got to be a comedy. Have you ever thought that the United States and Canada would be at war?

3. Jeff Bridges as President Jackson Evans, The Contender (2000)

Again, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to find a president with integrity in real life. In fact, even in the movie “The Contender”, people were counting on the president not having integrity. However, President Jackson Evans steps up to the plate and gives one hell of a speech and exposes those who deserve it.

2. Harrison Ford as President James Marshall, Air Force One (1997)

In the history of our country, we’ve seen many very bold and true to the stars and stripes. President James Marshall (Harrison Ford) is an excellent portrayal of that, even to a higher degree. He makes a bold stand against international terrorists that hijack his jet; the enemy doesn’t back down, but rather gets pissed. President Marshall must make decisions that put his love for his country and family in a position of a conflict of interest.

1. Morgan Freeman as President Tom Beck, Deep Impact (1998)

President Tom Beck has the unfortunate position of being President during a worldwide crisis. It seems that a comet is headed right in the path of the Earth; it’s a whopper that can destroy the Earth and all its inhabitants.

President Beck conducts himself with great composure and grace at all times. He’s tough, thinks quick on his feet, and compassionate when he has to be. If the Earth is ever in danger like in the movie “Deep Impact”, I hope we have someone like Morgan Freeman as our leader.

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  1. Seems to me you forgot Michael Douglas from The American President (http://is.gd/plBY)

  2. great post, thanks for the videos.

  3. GoldStrikeMS says:

    The American President, good one!!!

  4. Mike Cane says:

    Peter Sellers as the President in "Dr. Strangelove."

    Henry Fonda as the President in "Fail Safe."

    • entertainmog says:

      Killer additions Mike. So far we're up to at least '13' Presidents that rocked in the movies. I'm sure we'll see plenty more that I missed tho 🙂

      That's why I love our commenters, they always have good additions to our lists!

  5. sosaben says:

    not a completely serious pick such as the ones listed, but i would say the character Stephen Colbert played in the recent movie Monsters vs. Aliens. Not only did he display amazing keyboard and dancing skills, he was actually (ok, kinda) a real presidential candidate!

  6. toddbass10 says:

    Terry Crews in Indiocracy should be #1.

  7. Optimist Rhyme says:

    Brucw Greenwood from 'Thirteen Days' cant believe he did'nt get a nod his depiction of JFK is amazing. He was so good as the president in Thirteen Days he played the role again in national treasure 2.

  8. kiro says:

    Totally missing Terry Crews as "Presesident Camacho" in Idiocracy.

  9. Michaelc says:

    I don't think any of these guys come within a mile of Martin Sheen's "Jeb Bartlett" in "The West Wing".

    • Damir says:

      Very true. Not a movie, but perhaps the best president role ever. Can't think of a top 5 TV shows list w/o "The West Wing" in it…

  10. mindy says:

    I would vote for Bull Pullman!

  11. mindy says:

    err, *Bill 🙂

  12. entertainmog says:

    Sheen shined in the WW for sure.

  13. BunnyDee says:

    Tom Dobbs in Man of the Year (2006), I ascribe to. But, well, I don't know if TV series count here at all, but when Obama was elected, I showed the crowd (OK, so I was celebrating my birthday too, on November 4th every year) Martin Sheen (President Jed Bartlet) in "The West Wing". That's my ideal president – but we're talking TV here.

  14. BunnyDee says:

    Oh, just saw that he's been mentioned 6 posts (and 2 hours) previously!

  15. Cico says:

    Harrison Ford should have been number one. But since Morgan Freeman is awesome in any role he plays, I'll let it slide.

  16. mojo_misses_longshot says:

    Kevin Kline in "Dave" as both the real and doppelganger president. that's two for the price of one yo!

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