Dream or Reality: Theft-Proof and Puncture-Free Bicycle?

English-born, Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman is also known as “the Professor” due to his meticulous attention to detail in preparation, training and technical expertise. He won a gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics and broke the World Hour record on three different occasions. He also competed three times at the Tour de France and is known as a specialist in the individual time trial.

Boardman pushed the envelope and experimented with many innovative ideas in an effort to improve his racing results. He had an altitude tent built in his house to help him prepare for the Hour record attempt, which only had an effect on his ability to concentrate. Still, he would try anything to gain an edge over his competitors.

He worked with the British sports nutrition company, Science In Sport to develop new feeding techniques and experts like Terry Dolan helped him to produce racing bicycles adapted for specific races. Boardman’s many experiments have benefited many other cyclists, including members of the British cycling squad.

As if all this isn’t impressive enough, Boardman has designed a theft-proof, puncture-free bicycle, which he claims will be commonplace within twenty years. The bike has a complete carbon fiber body with a built-in locking mechanism activated only by the touch of the owner’s fingerprints! The bike also has a calorie-monitoring system and puncture-free tires that can self-inflate. (Probably owners of this cool bike can inflate as well just to be owning one of these and being the only one on the block to do so.)

Boardman had this to say about his bicycle:

“It could be built now if there was a will. All the technologies are already there, it’s just that nobody’s put them all together before.”

As of today, the bike is only an idea, a concept yet to be perfected. He has created a niche for himself with a brand of bicycles all his own that are sold in England under the name, Boardman Bikes.

Will the theft-proof and puncture-free model soon be among them?

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