It’s About Time: A Star Wars Burlesque Show

When George Lucas released what would become the cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars in 1977, I don’t think he intended the words “burlesque show” to be associated with his cash cow.

But, ever since every red blooded male first set his eyes on Princess Leia in that gold bikini slave outfit, fans have made Star Wars sexy in their own weird way.

Take for example, what seems like the endless parade  Star Wars porno spoofs. Some are funny, others are disturbing, and then there are the ones that prove that fanboys have no life outside the realm of Star Wars.

Cartoons are probably the easiest forms of adult Star Wars homage. You can check out artists renditions of Star Wars doing things that would give Lucas a stroke : just search for “Star Wars Miravi”, “Star Wars Hentai”, and “Star Wars Porn”.  (WARNING: NSFW and do so at your own risk!)

Then there was Starballz. A cartoon that not only parodied Star Wars, but also anime legends, like Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. For some reason, Lucas tried to prevent this film, but failed. Then things got really interesting when the makers sued Lucas for slander.

The biggest, that I’m aware, actual Star Wars porn spoof was Porn Wars, which naturally spawned a trilogy of it’s own.  A classic in my mind. (WARNING: Really NSFW)

Kevin Smith even mocked the whole situation in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, when our protagonists decide to make a porno to pay the rent. Obviously, they make their own parody dubbed Star Whores, which I can’t believe wasn’t already taken.


With the porn industry’s obsession with Star Wars, I can’t believe that a club hasn’t done an all out sexy version of Star Wars until now.

In early January, the Bordello nigtclub in L.A., transformed itself into the Mos Eisley Cantina for a night, giving geeks around a whole bunch of news reasons to love Star Wars.

The show will be back in March, but I would totally dig the idea of taking this on the road.

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