Tinkerbelle Alive and Well in Fireworks Display

In a really odd twist of circumstance, Tammy Church, a Florida woman who works as an assistant manager at an apartment rental office, never expected what she found while photographing some annual 4th of July fireworks at Indian Rock Beach. It would seem that she inadvertently captured some previously hidden images of (and who dares to say this to a sober crowd) Tinkerbelle and Mickey Mouse!

She made the storybook discovery when she uploaded one of the photos to her computer. In her own words:

“I think it’s a $1 million picture,” she said.

This past summer Church went to the national media and she made an appearance both on the Jay Leno Show and Regis and Kelly.

Apparently some eyebrows were raised and some minds concurred at the Britain-based offices of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, who are expected use her amazing photo in the unexplained section of an up and coming large book, which is the eighth annual edition of Strikingly True.

Unfortunately, while she will be credited for the photo, she will not receive any money from it, which hardly seems a reasonable outcome for anything concerning fairy dust on any order.

The little pixie known as Tinkerbelle began her life in 1953 in the movie, Peter Pan. Modeled after Margaret Kerry who played Tinkerbelle in the live version of Peter Pan, she is known for her pixie dust, which when sprinkled, grants the ability to fly. Tinkerbelle is often seen soaring the skies amid Disneyland’s fireworks, and she continues to be one of the most loved characters. Somehow, however, somehow she has found herself very far off course.

Can fairies learn to use GPS devices?

Well, Tammy, what can anyone say about this except that it is clear that:

Tinkerbelle lives!

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