Sit on Your Ass and Watch Videos – Help Some People Out

Alright fellow AMOGers – it’s time to listen up and give back a little to the community.

We were recently notified about the world’s easiest way to donate those in need. You just have to sit there on your computer and watch a piddly little video. Trojan Condoms is donating one condom to those in need for each video that is viewed from the site. This means that all you can now watch videos all day while eating Cheese Puffs and not get yelled at because you are helping the community.

The Massuse

STD Booth

21st Birthday

Know what is better? The fact that the site even has episodes of 16 and Pregnant (without commercials) so you can watch that too while being the most upstanding citizen! There is even a sex IQ quiz to see how much you know about Trojan sex. But on a serious note – this is one promotion that is easy to get behind (no condom pun intended) so head over and watch a few videos – it will actually help a few people out.

Head over to for more vids!

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  1. I don't know says:

    Fine I guess except for the the fact that condoms are not 100% effective (especially in regard to STDs)