Feed Your Fantasy: Get Top 22 Hottest and Geekiest Halloween Costume Ideas

Typically we here at AMOG write articles geared towards men. However, this is one for the ladies.

Since Halloween is right around the corner, we decided to put together a list of the hottest twenty-one female characters from comics, movies and TV shows that you can dress as to prove how hot you are. If done properly, you’ll not only turn the heads of every geek around, but also any and every dude that catches a glimpse of you. And, when Halloween’s done you keep the costume for a convention or some sort of kinky cos-play.

Alex – Saturn 3

This character was made famous by Farrah Fawcett in 1980’s Saturn 3.

Lisa – Weird Science

Kelly Le Brockmade every geek’s come true in this 1985 John Huges’ classic.

Saint-Exmin – Battle Beyond The Stars

Sybil Danning made the character of Saint-Exmin in this 1980 flick about mercenaries defending a farm colony from an evil guy. Kinda sounds like the A-Team in space. But, maybe that’s because George Peppard was in both of them.

Zhora – Blade Runner

Played by Joanna Cassidy in the 1982 Ridley Scott classic, this sparkly get-up is bound to turn some heads.

Nova – Planet Of The Apes

The best part of being stranded on a planet full of apes is getting stuck with Nova.

Julie Walker – Return Of The Living Dead Part III

Everyone loves zombies, but that doesn’t mean that they’re hot, right? Meet Julie Walker, played by Mindy Clarke, and you may change your mind.

Vina – Star Trek

Vina, also known as the Green-Skinned Space Babe, made us realize why any mentally stable man would want to where no man has gone before. =

Leeloo – The Fifth Element

Milla Jovovich is pretty hot, but almost any woman could be hot if she wore an outfit like this.

Barbarella – Barbarella

I think every geek is in love with the character that Jane Fonda made famous in 1967.

Princess Leia – Return Of The Jedi

Like we wouldn’t have this listed.

The Baroness – GI Joe

Probably the only reason why a dude would want to join Cobra.


For a blue-skinned shape-shifter, Mystique is one hot villain. While the comic version of her is hot, it was Rebecca Romijn’s version from the X-Men films that really turns up the heat.

Emma Frost

The White Queen is every guy’s dream. A voluptuous blonde that basically walks around in lingerie.


Another hottie from the X-Men universe. But, it’s easy to understand when she has an outfit like that.

The Black Cat

This Spider-Man super-heroine proves that a skintight outfight can be just as sexy as a more revealing ensemble.

Shanna the She-Devil

Marvel introduced this character as a way to grab a female audience in 1972. However, I bet the male audience dug her a lot more.


Vampirella definitely proves that less is more and has been strutting her stuff since 1969.

Power Girl

DC introduced Power Girl in 1976 and we really could care less about her origins, because she’s a cousin to Super-Man or something. Regardless, she’s one of the hottest comic book characters out there.


Does this outfit from this magician get any kinkier?


Perhaps a bit cliche, but, what’s not to love about Supes hot cousin?


Catwoman has been tempting Batman since 1940, and, we can’t fault him for their longstanding love-hate relationship.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has been putting a smile on geeks faces since 1941. Sure, her outfit is played out, but it’s a timeless classic. Just make sure it’s done right. If not, you can ask NBC and Kim Kardashian about the backlash from fan-boys.

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