Can Your Computer Kill You? Yes, and We Have the Proof

As the 21st Century approaches it’s first decade, technology moves faster then we can keep up. This accelerated speed of technology has been mostly great, like Internet porn, but it also presents a new set of problems.

As we become more disconnected from other people we have also become addicted to the constant technology at our fingertips which has lead to a new problem…death. Here’s a few examples on how the technology of the 21st Century is killing us.

5. Let’s Blog Till We Drop

More and more people are blogging this days which can be pretty sweet, for people like me. But, there are some concerns. In an article from The New York Times in April of 2008, it argues that blogging is the “digital-era sweatshop”, since many are paid by piece not hourly rates.


The article also states that the current 24/7 information fix that we demand has lead to an emotional and physical strain on bloggers, such as sleeping disorders and weight gain.  The article also provides two examples of bloggers, who were older mind you, that have died from heart attacks. I like blogging, that’s why I do it, but I never take it that seriously, get a life. I hope that people also know that they make home gym equipment. Maybe if there was a treadmill with a computer on it would kill two birds with one stone. Hmm, not a bad idea…

4. Game Over Man! Gave Over!

A lot of people have gotten wrapped up into gaming, whether online or with a console. Here’s two crazy examples on how gaming can kill us. In South Korea a 28 year old man died from “heart failure stemming from exhaustion” after a marathon session of the online game Starcraft.

In the UK a 25 year old man, described as fit and healthy, dropped dead after doing some Wii Fit, apparently due to Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. While these are few and far between, expect to see some more. People are way too into online games, and I can totally see people ignoring their health to continue their game.


And we’ve all heard stories of people losing their Wii controllers and breaking their TV’s, hell, I bet you’ll probably see someone kill someone else when they lose control of that Wii controller and impale them in the skull.

3. The Hottest New Ring Tone, The Cell Phone Explosion

I’ve read some of stories of cell phones exploding, mainly in Asia after people have bought bootleg batteries, in fact there have been nine cases in China alone. While not everyone dies, there have been some casualties.

The first death by cell phone explosion occurred in June of 2007 in China when a welder died of chest wounds after his cell exploded while at work in an iron mill. A second case occurred when an assistant at a computer shop, also in China, exploded in his shirt pocket severing a major artery in his neck.

A colleague stated that she found the man “lying on the floor of the shop in a pool of blood”. I would think twice before replacing that battery in your cell phone, unless you really want your phone to stand out.

2. Text Messaging To Death

Obviously there’s been a lot of concern, and accidents, over morons who text while they drive. There was even that nasty train wreck in California last fall after the conductor was texting instead of paying attention to the track. But, this one takes the cake.


I saw this on Spike’s 1000 Ways to Die and thought it was pretty damn good. There was a couple arguing over text messages; what happened to face to face arguments or even heated phone calls?  Anyways, they were arguing about where he should pick her up. Neither one of them was paying attention, since they were too busy texting, and in the end he ran over his girlfriend when she walked out into the street!

1. Splish Splash I was Taking a Twitter Bath

This has to be my favorite, and don’t be surprised if you see something like this again, since people can’t seem to breathe if they’re not leaving a Tweet. A girl in Romania electrocuted herself while she was Twittering in the bathtub.


The not so bright girl tried to plug in her laptop, obviously with wet hands, after she ran the battery dead from a long Twiter session. The laptop then fell into the tub with the girl, and whoops, that’s all she wrote. The 17 year year old was found by her parents with a still smoking laptop next to her. Don’t know about everyone else, but I was taught at a very young age the water+electricity=bad.

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