The Top 7 Essential iPhones Apps For Men

Since the iPhone was unleashed last year, there have been a billion applications for it. With so many apps out there it’s hard to tell which one’s are absolutely essential for men.

We don’t need an app to tell us how to cook a steak or give us suggestions on pick up lines. But, let’s embrace technology and make use of it.

To save you some cash are the most essential iPhone apps for men.

7. Trapster


Like Sammy Hagar, most men can’t drive 55. Trapster helps us avoid those speeding tickets by alerting us when there are upcoming speed traps.

6. PMS Buddy


Guys can be pretty oblivious. That’s why the PMS Buddy comes in pretty handy. If you haven’t figured it out yet, this app helps men calculate when the women in their lives are on their menstrual cycle.

5. FanFinder


Men are pretty simple creatures. There’s two things that men enjoy more than women – beer and sports. That’s why FanFinder is a must have. It helps you locate nearby sports bars where you and your fellow fans can have a cold one while rapping about your favorite teams.

4. Men’s Health Workouts


A man needs to pump some iron every now and then. Sometimes we don’t have the time or money to hit the gym. Men’s Health comes to the rescue with this app to give you tips on exercises and work out regiments. There’s even a rest timer!

3. Hooters’ Calender Slider


Not only can you view the voluptuous girls from the Hooters Calender, you get a game too. To view the girls you have to put together the ever popular puzzle tile game.

2. The Sexy Ladies of SHOW


Nothing better then watching a slide show of hot babes. The second best feature, besides the girls of course, is being able to save and share the images.

1. Passion


This recently launched app tells you how good you are in the sac. Which means that you have to keep your iPhone in bed, your pocket or somewhere nearby the action. If things aren’t going too good you can always look up sports scores.

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