Top 10 People in Sports That Should Come Back

If you had the power to choose any ten sports figures, whether they’re still alive or not and bring them back to the way they were when they were great, who would you choose? Interesting question isn’t it?

It’s difficult to come up with only ten, bit if I had this power, these are the ten that I’d love to see in their field of expertise once again.

10. Kevin Everett:

This man is a hero in his truest form. On that ill-fated day of September 9, 2007, former Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett almost had his life taken from him on the football field. He suffered a horrible spinal cord injury and was told he was lucky to have lived, but that he would never walk again.

The doctors were wrong.

Through determination, prayer, and the support of his teammates, family, friends, and fans, he pulled through and was able to walk.

Of course, he will never play football again, but wouldn’t it be great if he could?

9. Howard Cosell:

Though Howard Cosell died in 1995, it would be great to hear his voice again. As a renown sportscaster, Cosell announced all kinds of sports.

A lot of people, including myself couldn’t stand him. That’s what made him so great.

In sports and in life, you need conflict, and that’s why we had Cosell.

8. Mickey Mantle:

You can’t mention great athletes without mentioning New York Yankees’ own Mickey Mantle. Mickey still holds a huge amount of World Series records that include most home runs (18) and the most total number of bases (123).

Now that’s extraordinary, especially considering he retired in 1968.

Though he died in 1995, it would be great to see such an awesome star as Mickey Mantle again.

7. Barry Sanders:

With 109 career touchdowns and a whopping 15,269 rushing yards, Barry Sanders is one of the greatest running backs of all time.

While his stats are impressive, what I found the most remarkable about him was his love of the chase. He would well known for driving the coaches crazy because he’d run backwards if he had to, but he wasn’t going to get tackled. Maybe the coaches didn’t appreciate that part of Barry Sanders, but we loved it.

Barry Sanders was a blast to watch and it would be great for a new generation of football fans to see how much fun he was.

6. Dale Earnhardt:

Who doesn’t love Dale Earnhardt? Earnhardt is what made NASCAR great, but we lost him in the last lap of the Daytona 500 in 2001.

We were all shocked and saddened by the loss, but I think that this is the way Dale would’ve wanted to die. It was sad to lose him at the age of 49 and it would be great to see him fly around the track again.

5. Mohammad Ali:

With a nickname like “The Greatest”, you have to acknowledge Ali in any “top ten” sports list. Whether you loved him or hated him, one thing is a fact and that’s that he had charisma, flair and style.

Oh, and he could fight too. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr., he would be known best as Muhammad Ali and three-time World Heavyweight Champion of boxing.

I think it would be great to see “The Champ” in all his glory and “attitude” one more time.

4. Hank Aaron:

“The Hammer” only had a record of the most home runs for 33 years until Barry Bonds took it.

Not only was he an amazing athlete, but Hank Aaron has great values and is the type of sports figure that you want your children to idolize.

3. Babe Ruth:

Unlike Hank Aaron, George Herman Ruth, better known as “The Babe” isn’t someone that you’d want your kids to idolize. However, you can’t help but appreciate the raw talent.

Babe Ruth has been the topic of many debates and contraversies over the years. When we lost “The Babe”, baseball changed forever.

It would be great to bring the flair and tenacity of Babe Ruth back to sports.

2. Joe Montana:

Joe Montana was not only a great athlete, but he’s another sports idol that makes us proud.

Along with completing 3,409 passes and achieved 273 touchdowns in his career, he also managed to stay off of drugs and other crime.

He’s one of the greatest athletes of all time and it would be great to have him back on that football field.

1. Michael Jordan:

Did you think I would leave basketball out of the loop? Of course I wouldn’t. I just saved the best for last.

I think that we all can agree that Michael Jordan was not only a great basketball player, but he’s truly an amazing person. He was met with a difficult time with the murder of his father in 1993, but handled himself with dignity.

He never seemed full of himself or had any kind of huge attitude as so many athletes do. Since he retires, Jordan has continued to grow and has become a very successful entrepreneur.

I would love to see Michael Jordan on the court even if it would only be for one more time.

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  1. steve says:

    Kevin Everett? Yeah I’m glad he pulled through, and that’s a great story, but he was a back-up tight-end who only played on special teams. Nobody even knew who he was until he got hurt. There must be hundreds of dead or retired athletes I’d rather see play again than Kevin Everett. Like Everett, I can even name one that left because of a career ending injury…Bo Jackson! Also, I’ll take Willie Mays over Hank Aaron or Mickey Mantle any day of the week.

  2. shz says:

    these are all American athletes in American sports..i think that should have beeen mentioned as sports and sports personalities outside of those played in America actually and football(soccer) stars amongst them..

  3. 123 says:

    Wayne Gretzky?

  4. Edyta says:

    What are you talking about? Michael Jordan is a total prick!
    "He never seemed full of himself or had any kind of huge attitude as so many athletes do."
    That's the biggest crock of shit I've read in a while. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  5. Nite Mayor says:

    What about Ken Griffey Jr.???

    • clay says:

      The article is called "Top 10 People in Sports That Should Come Back" Griffey Jr is still playing ball

  6. Stephen Ackart says:

    Although Edyta is quite harsh, I will have to agree. I heard that Jordan wanted nothing but to be treated like a 'god' and if that wasn't acheived he threw a fit.

  7. Bruno says:

    Haha, wouldn't it be great to bring back all time greats that are either dead, or retired? How about Bo Jackson before his early career ending injury?

  8. EL DUDE says:


  9. Rob says:

    Mike Mutha Fuckin Tyson.

  10. Jim says:

    Lou Gehrig? wtf i'm a bills fan and i don't even think everett should be on here

  11. DieHardFans says:

    Bo Jackson, we never got to see enough


  12. donnie says:

    You left one sport out – Hockey! Where the hell is Wayne Gretzky on this list or even Jaromír Jágr on this list? Granted Jagr still plays hockey but for the KHL (but that doesn't count).

  13. matt says:

    "Through determination, prayer, and the support of his teammates, family, friends, and fans, [Kevin Everett] pulled through and was able to walk."

    How about through incredible advances in medical science?