The Truth About Tim Tebow’s Super-Hot “Girlfriend” Erin Drewes

You may have heard of the stunning Erin Drewes as Florida Gator’s God-son Tim Tebow’s “girlfriend” – search anywhere online and you’ll see the busty Erin’s pic show up.

The photo above first surfaced over two years ago, but to this day people think they were a couple, and then they broke up, and also for some dumb reason she got mixed up with Lucy Pinder.

None of it’s true and we’ve learned that Drewes was just a friend posing with Tim, as many college girls tend to do with when the stud muffin Tebow is around a camera.

We here at AMOG are glad she’s not Tim’s beau – he’s such a nice guy, we would have felt bad stealing her affection away from him.

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  1. JDXBlitz says:

    Well shit, I definitely need more friends like THAT

  2. MMO says:

    I'd love to have a 'friend' like that =P.

  3. Footballfan1 says:

    I saw on another website that Tebow has a new girlfriend.. does anyone know who she is?

    people are saying its the same girl that dated brady quiinn, thats weirdd

  4. Gators says:

    The other girl is Janell Wheeler. She graduated from UF and is a singer. She is not his girlfriend just friends.

  5. McMike says:

    The dude is gay. I don't buy the "I'm not having sex with women because I'm a good Christian boy" because dating women does NOT exclude you from having good morals. The guy lives with another guy and it's a real commentary on America with how most of his fans would drop him if he ever came out.

  6. Jesus Lover says:

    When you Love the Lord soo much it is not hard to have good morals. Get a life McMike!

  7. Danny Wheat says:

    I’d love to have a ‘friend’ like that =P.

  8. goCR says:

    amen Jesus Lover!!

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