The AMOG Guide to Labor Day on a Budget

Labor Day is a strange holiday. It’s meant to celebrate hard work but it’s dedicated to goofing off for the last time before cold weather sets in.  And with the Economy tanking, this Labor Day promises to be the most frugal of all Labor Day celebrations since the tradition started over 120 years ago.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of things to do for Labor Day that don’t cost much… especially if you don’t even leave the house!

Here’s a guide to the ultimate Labor Day activities for AMOGs everywhere – all online!


When you open your bleary eyes on Monday morning (the best thing about 3 day weekends is that you can treat Saturday and Sunday as dry runs for the big event) you’re gonna need a killer outfit.

GQ has just started a website that will fill in even the most clueless AMOG as to what is the best outfit for any occasion. In this video (1 of 20 in the series) GQ tells us it’s cool to go sock-less:


One question: Does this mean white socks too?


What AMOG party would be complete without bikini babes?

Most of the partys I’ve thrown… but that’s no reason to stop dreaming is it?

Here’s a video of some bikini babes at a killer party. The kind you’ll want to throw… have a look:


Just use the keyword “Bikini Babes” on YouTube and you’ll be inspired… especially  if you’re all alone.


Since you’ll be entertaining at home, you’ll want some great bartender tips straight from the pros. Here’s a great resource to get you started:


But always remember rule no.1… plenty of buy backs – for the host.


No Labor Day party is complete without killer BBQ… but be prepared for every AMOG and his mother (what’s my mother doing here?) to tell you how you SHOULD be smoking those meats. If you listen to these guys, they’ll all be too busy stuffing that pie hole to worry about your BBQ style:


Just don’t tell ’em what’s in the Secret Sauce.


Since you’re stuck in the house, watching a game on TV has been the way to go once all the setups have been accomplished. But why sit back and relax, now that we have Wii Sports!? If you’re like me, it took WAY too long to figure out how to beat the system, so check out this AMOG-In-Training and his excellent Wii Tips, Tricks & Cheats:


Wii will, Wii will ROCK YOU.


Having a 24 Hour MP3 playlist set to Auto is a must-have these days… but it gets a little boring listening to experimental Trance tracks mixed by DJ Tiesto.

That’s where KARAOKE comes in!!!

Hook a microphone up to the laptop and pump this site into your surroundsound and you’ll have them eating out of your hand PLUS rotting your brain:


A Free Karaoke Channel Online???

Finally, we’ve found out what the web was really invented for.


With all the fun you’ll be having at your killer Labor Day party you won’t want the buzz kill of plopping down in front of the DVD player for a jiggly movie. That’s why Beyond The Trailer is the perfect ADD tool for the HD AMOG.

Here’s a sample:


Let’s face it, we all know that the trailer is better than the movie 90% of the time anyway.


Although New Year’s Eve and July 4th are more known for their fireworks displays, Labor Day is no slouch either. So if you used up all your sparklers and bottle rockets already, tune in to a fireworks display courtesy of the BBC:


Okay, so it wasn’t a Labor Day fireworks display. But have you seen the drunken camcorder cinematographers who are still standing come the first Monday in September?

If you’re stuck… just turn down the volume.

Happy Labor Day!

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