Unfortunate Vehicles of Your Average Joe, Jim, and Charlie

Have you ever wondered what the car you drive says about you? More importantly, have you ever been stuck with a vehicle that you feel doesn’t fit your personality?

I think we all have at some time or another, but that’s because you’re in a certain situation that’s beyond your control. For instance, take a look at the people here. These guys represent us; generally average men who are just living life and rolling with the punches.


Tall Joe and His Toyota Yaris

Let’s meet Joe. He was forced to cut costs and couldn’t afford his big gas guzzler or ride in comfort any longer, and was stuck with getting a Toyota Yaris. Sure, the Yaris is a reliable car, is reasonably priced and great on gas mileage, but Joe has other practical needs that weren’t considered here.

Joe is 6’10”, but his car is built for someone about half his size! He tries to make the best of things, but the car is so cramped that his clothing gets wrinkled every time he steps in. Can you imagine him getting into this thing? It’s barely taller than the fence around his yard! Though he tries to handle himself with dignity even in his miniature vehicle, it’s difficult to ignore the people who point and laugh.


Creative Minds Think Alike – The Taxicab

Like many people in these tough economic times, Mike has had to get creative. He’s chosen a more nontraditional way of handling things.

Welcome to Mike’s part time job as a taxi driver. It’s great -he can go to his full time job and pick up a few people on the way. There is a catch; sometimes he picks up passengers that are going out of the way from his full time job. His boss understands that there’s traffic, but he’s getting a little suspicious.

Mike’s cab is the one next to the bus. As you can see, he’s not the only one that had this idea. Is this a good way to make extra money? Of course. Is it practical? Maybe not.


Charlie and the Microbus

Charlie is finally growing up; he’s done a lot of partying in the past. His microbus was great for those das, but now that Charlie has decided to be a productive member of society, he can afford a regular vehicle. It’s rather embarrassing driving to his son’s ball games in this outdated jalopy. You know it’s bad when even the soccer moms point and laugh.


Jim’s Solution to a Long Commute

It’s time to meet another type of man in our society, Jim. Jim has a good job, but the commute was killing him. It took him an hour to get to work on a good day, but with traffic that time was usually doubled. Since jobs are scarce, he considers himself blessed to have a great job and didn’t want to look for another.

This Winnebago is Jim’s solution. Now there’s no more long commute. In fact, Jim lives close to the grocery store, the mall, work, and even the bar. Living close to work has its advantages, but trying to find parking for his Winnebago sucks.


Greg’s Manly Job?

So, now we come to Greg. This isn’t Greg’s personal vehicle. Thank God! But he does have to drive and operate this ridiculous cement truck. Sure, being a cement worker sounds like a manly job, doesn’t it?  This truck will surely take the “macho” right out – how can anyone take you seriously when you work with this vehicle? The funniest part is that the pink cement truck is in the shop.


Tanks a Lot

You might think that Adam and his friends are at war. Well, sort of, but it’s not what you think. This is Adam’s personal vehicle and he’s picked up his friends on their way into work. Adam lives in a tough neighborhood. He doesn’t drive the tank to be cool or macho. It’s self defense!


Redneck Pickup

Don’t laugh. Jed is proud of his brand new pickup truck. He spent his whole life savings on it and didn’t even have to sell his trailer to buy it. Next year he plans to purchase the doors for it – or at least some doors for it; there’s no guarantee that they’ll match. Sure, it’s no NASCAR vehicle, but it came complete with the bull horns on the front and the feller didn’t even charge him extra for ‘em.


The Environmentalist

Meet Tom. He’s an environmentalist, but he’s not too bright. His heart’s in the right place though; he wants to do his part to help the environment, so he purchased this trash truck. What’s interesting is watching total strangers jump onto the back of the truck as they start yelling at him to go ahead and drive.


The Optimist

There’s one in every crowd – the optimist. You know the old saying “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade”. Well, Steve took that quite literally. Things weren’t going well for him. He lost his job and his wife, so he decided to start over. That’s one way to do it, I guess.

We can all probably relate to some of these characters and their vehicles. Which one describes you best? Whenever the chips are down, think about these people and realize that your life isn’t really that bad.

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