Surfing, Nightlife, and Nudity: the Best Vacation Spots for the Beach Bum

Ah, the beach; water, sun, sand, and of course, boobs in bikinis.

When you’re looking for the perfect beach, there are a few things to consider. What are you looking for? Lots of singles, great nightlife, maybe surfing?


Best Singles Beaches

South Beach, Florida

South Beach would be my first choice in beaches for singles. It’s also one of the main nightlife beaches, so that combined with many singles is a great recipe for fun. Visiting Collins Avenue is a must if you like trendy nightclubs.

During the day, hang out on Lincoln Road. This area has a lot more to offer than just nightclubs – it’s like a huge outdoor shopping strip filled with restaurants and retail outlets, in addition to bars. You may not be into shopping much, but don’t dismiss the idea so quickly. Where there’s shopping, there’s women.

Additionally, you’ll want to check out Ocean Drive. It’s the biggest tourist spot in South Beach, usually where all the spring breakers hang out.

Rosarito Beach; Baja, Mexico

Rosarito Beach, just 20 miles south of the United States border on the Pacific Coast, is an awesome place for a slightly more mature crowd. I don’t mean old people, but singles in their mid twenties on up. If you’re not into the college scene anymore, but still like to party, get your butt down there now.

There are plenty of restaurant choices and a variety of nightclubs; not to mention the beach and tourists traps. These are all great places to meet plenty of women your own age, so you won’t feel like a scumbag.

Manhattan Beach, California

Located in southern Los Angeles County, Manhattan Beach isn’t only a great place where tourists go, but it’s also a place where you’ll see a lot of locals. Over 40% of the city’s population is made up of singles. Check out all of the tourists hot spots and also check out places where the locals hang out. Try the Village Mall for a great mixture of the two.

Margarita Island, Venezuela

Margarita Island is an island in the Caribbean Sea just north of Venezuela. You can catch some locals, but you’ll also catch a lot of vacationers as the tourism market is growing every year.  Along with the beaches, there are a lot of beautiful sites to explore and a lot of places to meet women. The calming atmosphere of the Caribbean that puts everyone at ease certainly won’t hurt when you’re trying to hook-up.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Not only is Daytona Beach one of the main areas for East Coast college students to party during spring break, but it’s also a great vacationing spot for those still pretending to be in college. Demographics for the city of Daytona Beach show that more than half of its residents are from non-family households – a prime place for meeting ladies who aren’t tied down. Adding to the romantic ambiance as well as the party atmosphere are fireworks – a show is put on every Saturday night in the summer, so be sure not to miss it.


Best Nightlife Beaches

South Padre Island, Texas

The nightlife on South Padre Island is one of the most exciting and popular in the country. The island is located along the Gulf of Mexico just north of the Mexican border. There are tons of nightclubs and some of them are absolutely gigantic, often having more than one club under one roof. As attractions they have entertainment such as dance clubs, karaoke bars, live bands, and even tattoo parlors inside the club!

For added fun, check out the fireworks on the bay side of the island every Friday night in the summer.

East Hampton Main Beach, Long Island, New York

Along with the beach itself, East Hampton Main Beach has an incredible nightlife for the party goer. A lot of the night clubs are indoor/ outdoor nightclubs. A hot spot that the celebrities are said to go clubbing is called the Jet Easy.

Venice Beach, California

If you love bars and nightclubs, Venice Beach has you covered. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what type of music you like or even the kind of people you like to mingle with – Venice Beach has something for everyone. They have a jazz bar, mainly for the 30 plus crowd, a wine bar (popular with the ladies), an old style pub, an Irish pub, and vastly popular bars such as Venice Place. Some bars are loud and exciting with a high density of single people while others have more of a calming ambiance.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Do you want to go to a place with a great beach where the people really know how to party? Check out Panama Beach, located along the Gulf of Mexico in the pan handle section of Florida. This area’s got just the right combination of night clubs and beach bars. Check out the super night club called Club La Vela; they’ve got nine different dance clubs, live bands, concert events, a swimming pool, and lots of action.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

If you want to kick your nightlife in gear, New York is a great place to do it. Coney Island isn’t only an excellent entertainment spot during the day, but is a hot party place at night. With many bars and nightclubs around, Coney Island is a great place to dance, drink, and have a blast.


Nude Beaches

Haulover Beach, Florida

This “clothing optional” beach is located just north of Miami and just south of Fort Lauderdale on the Atlantic Ocean side of Florida. The beach is 800 yards long and has its own lifeguards. They claim that their man attraction is not the nude beach, but rather the scenery and activities such as surfing and volleyball. I don’t know about you, but volleyball at a nude beach sounds like a main attraction to me.

Cap d’Agde, France

If you want to really get a taste of the nudist life, take a trip to Cap d’Agde in France. It’s known as the “World Capital of Nudism”. Just knowing that may help you make your vacationing choice. In this area, it’s not just legal to go nude on the beach, but also legal in any other public places such as restaurants and shops.

Little Beach, Hawaii

This gorgeous beach has more than just landscape scenery – you can relax in paradise and watch naked babes at the same time. Little Beach also offers nude half day cruises; they don’t happen daily, but they do offer them several times a year.

Samurai Beach, Australia

Just 120 miles north of Sydney and located on the South Pacific Coast, Samurai Beach knows how to entertain on a nude beach. Why do I say that? They have an annual Nude Olympics with events such as a nude torch relay (ouch!), volleyball, tug of war, and Frisbee. Whoever came up with that idea is a genius.

Wreck Beach; British Columbia, Canada

Wreck Beach is the site of one of the most popular clothing-optional beaches, located just over the Canadian border along the Pacific Coast. With unique scenery, this beach spans nearly five miles, which not only makes it Canada’s first nude beach, but also the largest. The bare fact is that Wreck Beach is home to about a half million visitors every year.


Best Beaches for Surfing

Waikiki, Hawaii

If you love to surf or even would love to learn and you haven’t been to Waikiki, you’re missing out. With a rich history, this beach is a surfing haven for all interested. Parts of the beach are dedicated to beginners, so you shouldn’t be intimidated by what you see on television; there are more tame areas for the rookie. However, Waikiki has a lot to offer to the expert surfer as well. The waves can get to over 20 feet high!

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Located on the North Shore of Oahu, Sunset Beach has some of the most thrilling waves around for the avid surfer. When you’re done riding the waves for the day, there are plenty of places to visit. Even if you’re not a surfer, you’ll find some of the most interesting surfing at Sunset Beach and will find it amazing to watch.

Huntington Beach, California

You can’t have a list of surfing spot without mentioning Surf City, USA. Located south of Los Angeles, Huntington Beach is known for having the ideal waves with perfect breaks. The highest waves can get up to 10 feet high. Not only is this a sanctuary for surfers, but also for man’s best friend. There’s a part of Surf City that has your dog in mind and caters to dogs and their owners.

Papara Beach, Tahiti

Papara Beach is most definitely for the advanced surfer. The waves are over 20 feet high and have a break that only experienced surfers can appreciate. However, if you’re in for entertainment, there’s plenty more to do in Tahiti than just surf, and you can watch the surfer pros have at it.

Buzios, Brazil

You’ll most likely have to travel far from home to visit the beaches of Buzios. Located in the South Atlantic Ocean of Brazil, Buzios has 23 beaches to choose from. Go beach hopping and find out what makes each beach special. The beautiful scenery, the warm weather, and the awesome waves will keep you entertained for weeks. You won’t want to go home.

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