Drinking Games: How To Play Asshole, The Simple Rules

Asshole is one of the most popular card drinking games in the US.  It’s also known by other names such as President, Presidents & Assholes, Shlub, Scum(bag).

drinking game asshole 550x354 Drinking Games: How To Play Asshole, The Simple Rules


The object of the game is to get to rid of your cards before anyone else, the first person to do so is President.  The last person during the round is labeled the Asshole.

What’s needed? 

1 deck of cards, 4 people

General rules: 

Cards are ordered from lowest to highest 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A, with 2 and 3 being special cards. The suite of the card does not matter in this game. A pair of any kind is higher than a single so two 3′s are higher than a single ace, any triple higher than any double, etc. Four of a kind will clear the round.


The four players are ranked as follows for each round played.

  • President: The first person to go out
  • Vice President: The second person to go out
  • Secretary: The third person to go out
  • Asshole: The last person to go out

Special cards:

  •  Any 2: Clear.  This is a clear, no matter what.  This card clears the round and the person who uses it goes again with a fresh round.
  •  Any 3: Wild.  This is a wild card.  Two 3s can be played as a clear.  A player must chose its value to be anything except a 2.  Note that this card DOES NOT take the place of a natural card (to skip a player or count towards the completing of a number set.)

How to play: 

The person to the left of the dealer starts by laying down any card or cards with the same face value. The next player must lay down the same number of cards as the first player and the cards must be equal or greater in face value, but match each other. For instance, if the first player lays down 2 sixes, the next player must lay down two matching cards that are equal or greater than the sixes, such as 2 tens. If the player lays down the same thing as the previous player, the next player is skipped and must take a sip of beer. If the player is unable to achieve the play, they are skipped and must take a sip of beer. Once all players are skipped, the cards are cleared and play continues until all of the cards have been played.

Ranking privileges: 

  • Anyone ranking higher than you can tell you to drink whenever they want.
  • The Asshole deals and clears the cards.
  • The Asshole gives his two best cards to the President.
  • The President gives his two worse cards to the Asshole.
  • If the same person is President for three consecutive rounds, they can make a rule (such as not saying “drink”, “drank” or “drunk”).

Popular rules made by Presidents:

  • Thumb Master: Any time the President puts down their thumb the last person to follow must drink.
  • Eye Contact: Anyone who makes eye contact with the President must drink.
  • Beer Bitch: The President picks one person for the job of getting everyone beer at the table.
  • Little Man: Everyone has a pretend “little man” on the lip of their beer, and they must remove him with their fingers and place him on the table, drink, then put him back on each time they take a drink. If anyone forgets to do this they must drink.
  • No Names: Anyone who uses a person’s name at the table must drink.

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