8 Tips To Help You Avoid a Fight

No matter how powerful a man you might be, you gain even more by avoiding a fight rather than encouraging one. Physical confrontation is rarely pretty and it can have serious consequences.

Being a man doesn’t mean you have to fight; sometimes it means being better than the other guy by avoiding one. Here are some tips that might come in handy the next time someone wants to pick a fight with you.

Before we begin, remember that fighting is not a game and should only be used as a last resort. It should not be a solution to petty conflicts. Fighting can mean that someone will end up dead. You want to do your best to make sure that person isn’t you!

fight11. Maintain eye contact and watch the troublemaker’s hands at all times. Try to diffuse the tension by discussing the problem and apologizing for anything you might have done to add to it.

2. Try to ignore insulting commentary about you and worse, your mother.
Control your impulse to slam him in the face, as the invective is meant to egg you on. This will make you the better person in the end even if it doesn’t feel that way in that precise moment.

3. Stay as calm as possible. Don’t escalate the argument. Try to convince the other guy that fighting is simply not the way to go. If necessary, agree with him even if you know he is wrong.

4. Avoid the moral high ground when attempting to defuse the situation. Such commentary as “I’ve got better things to do than fight with you” may only inflame the aggressor. Realize too, that this attitude translates into another way of saying that you are above the other guy (and you may end up underneath him if you follow this tack).

5. In a truly volatile situation, forget about your ego for the moment.
Tell the other guy what he wants to hear. Think of your loved ones and swallow your pride.

fight26. Keep your hands in a defensible yet non-aggressive position. Both palms pressed together in a “prayer position” is best as it is non-threatening. Keep them near your face at all times.

7. Remember that walking away is always an alternative and it is nothing to be ashamed about. Be careful if this is the option you choose and always face the person as you walk away. If the other person is very angry, they might attack you from behind.

8. If you are in a car, lock the doors and refuse to come out and fight. Better, drive away if you possibly can.

The above-stated tips are obviously geared more to avoiding a confrontation. What do you do if that is not possible?

In some instances, the person wants to fight and will hit you no matter what you do. In a case like this, you must stand your ground and defend yourself.

It is better in this case for you to be the one to strike first because the first hit can be the most powerful and is likely to catch the other person off guard. It can end the fight if it is perfectly timed and delivered.

Some other things to consider include:

fight3If you can find an authority nearby, do not hesitate to alert them. They are used to diffusing this type of situation and better at it than you could ever be from sheer practice alone.

Remember that walking away can also translate into not being carried away from the scene. Bear in mind most of all what is important in your life. It is not the fight. It is those waiting for you at home whose love and respect are the only things that really matter.

Happy non-fighting!

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  1. Someone says:

    From the sounds of this it is supposing you didnt start the fight, so quick being a bitch a hit the ass with a tire-iron.

  2. Mostdudes says:

    mega gay

  3. Krishna says:

    Thank Nice message.

  4. ashvin says:

    thank you so much for share your knowledge with us,…….once again thank you.

  5. abhinav says:

    nice ,,…….thanks for stopping a street fight

  6. harish says:

    instead, stand up for yourself…who would want to bear injustice in life? all this post does is make a sissy out of people reading it…

  7. syed says:


  8. Matt says:

    Obviously, it's best to not get in a fight. But this whole article is assuming that we have a choice; often times we do not as we are being attacked. I don't agree with this "bend over and take it" mindset. You don't need to be an asshole, but by all means stand up for yourself!
    However, good advice about the prayer hand position, that body language alone is really good.
    Otherwise, you're just encouraging geeky kids to let people walk all over them even more.
    Stand up nerds! Don't let them treat you like that!

  9. Butch says:

    You seem to be assuming a fight is avoidable. Sometimes this is not the case, especially if a bully is just trying to show off for his friends. Learn a few simple but exceedingly nasty tricks to defend yourself, like the submission moves they teach Cops, and you don't have to kiss someone's ass to keep them from hitting you. I told my wife about a few instances where I stood up to a bully & she asked why I would sink to their level. My reply was simple: because they'll never rise to mine.

  10. gorey games says:

    now wheres the 8 tips on how to demolish the other guys face if he still doesnt let you go and attacks you?