Some Ways To Melt Your Woman’s Heart

We all like to go that extra mile for the ones we love, but sometimes the path isn’t clear. Read on for some thoughts about how you can uniquely express your love and appreciation and make your lady melt in the location you desire; namely, your arms.

How can you find a unique way to express your love and affection?

Try to think out of the typical box. Flowers or even a favorite a candy are thoughtful and they do work every time, but you may want to go a step further just because you care and she is worth it. The trick is to think of something that she would never expect but that you know she would want. It could be anything that would give her pleasure; a new puppy instead of roses, a special dinner out at a place she has been dying to try or maybe even a special dinner in, catered, quiet and intimate. How about a new set of curtains? (Make sure you know exactly what style and size she wants. If you don’t, forget it and just keep thinking. The answer will come to you.)

This is obviously a relative situation and we’re not talking about in-laws. What makes one woman melt will not necessarily make another woman even luke-warm. Do a little homework and look around. Listen to the things she says she needs and covets (not a Ming vase, obviously, but something unique and affordable). It is the effort put into your decision that will cause the melting just as much (if not more) than whatever you decide upon. (Consider Fahrenheit and centigrade temperatures before proceeding.)

Think fun; pure, unadulterated fun. Determine what would be fun for her and not you. (Hopefully, the two will coincide, but if they don’t, they don’t.) Plan your surprise around what you know will make her happy, whether it is a trip to Hawaii or a gift certificate at the mall. If she loves the outdoors, take her camping, rock climbing, or biking, and find your way to a waterfall and picnic lunch. The important key to the melting process is to remember that whatever your selection, it must be something that she enjoys.

Another thing to consider is a child-free surprise. If she is a mom, no matter how devoted she may be, this special melting event should not include them. Nothing ruins an intimate home dinner more easily than children doing what they do best. Make sure they are well taken care of and very distracted so both of you can do the same for each other.

The key to a successful melt down is surprise. She won’t expect you to remember or be listening closely when she reveals some secret thought or desire. Do your homework and you will be rewarded with a shiny gold star. Flowers and a favorite candy or perfume will work in a pinch, but a well thought out surprise event for the lady you love will get you an entire melted galaxy!

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