The Best Websites to Watch Free Movies Online

Megashare Website Allows You To Watch Free Movies Online

Megashare Website Allows You To Watch Free Movies Online

You can’t stop it.  It’s a growing epidemic that threatens to turn the movie industry on its ear just like the music industry.  We’re talking about streaming free movies online and it’s websites like YouTube.com, Megashare.info, Veetle.com and Free-Movie-Home.com that are making it happen.  Here’s how copyrighted materials are making their way into homes around the world and what is being done to stop it.

Free Movies Uploaded on YouTube.com

Type “full movies” into YouTube and see what comes up.  You might be amazed by the selection of free movies that are uploaded illegally.  The results will show pages upon pages of free movies with full length featured films with some as long as 2-3 hours.  Type in the name of a movie such as “waterboy full movie” and YouTube will return several movie options.  The movies range from poor quality to 1080 HD.  This can also be done with television shows and more.

YouTube has endured many copyright based lawsuits including a battle over the past couple of years with Viacom International, Inc.  Viacom sued YouTube for “brazen” and “massive” copyright infringement by allowing users to upload and view hundreds of thousands of videos owned by Viacom.  The lawsuit has gone back and forth in court with several judges and the most recent verdict in April 2013 granted summary judgment in favor of YouTube.

Free Movies and Television Shows on Magashare.info

Megashare.info is one of those websites which functions so well it’s hard to imagine it’s not legit.  The site contains thousands of free movies and television shows which can be streamed in an instant.  We’re talking about everything from television show to new movies.   The quality and reliability are of the movies and television shows reported as being better than YouTube and other websites.

Megashare.info is a branch of the infamous Megaupload.com which was shut down by the United States Department of Justice in January 2012.  The company’s founder, Kim Dotcom, and his associates were indicted  for copyright infringement and more than $42 million in assets were frozen by the Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong.  The US judge handing the case has doubts whether or not the case will ever come to court.  Megaupload.com was released with new encryption under the name mega.co.nz.

 Streaming Free Movies on Veetle.com

The next website which offers free movies online does things a bit differently.  We are talking about Veetle.com.  Veetle is a streaming video site which allows users to stream directly from their computers and mobile devices.  Veetle has also become huge in terms of free streaming movies.  Type in “full movies” or “free movies” into Veetle and see hundreds of channels with different movie genres.  What’s interesting is that the movies are streamed live and that you may pick-up a movie midway through.  There are sometimes schedules on which movies will be streaming next.  We know of no known copyright infringement cases pending against Veetle.com.

Free Movie Websites Like Free-Movie-Home.com

Even smaller players are getting a piece of the action.  Websites like Free-Movie-Home.com are popping up all over the internet and offering films which are still in the theater.  There are free movies on the site which have only been out for a week or less in some instances.  These websites are a dime a dozen and once you shut down one you have ten more that popup in its place.  Not to mention, most of these sites mirror each other meaning that they have the same movie files.  There are tons of tricky advertisements and pop-ups to navigate before getting to the movie you want to see.  We know of no pending legal troubles for Free-Movie-Home.com.

What do you think?  Is it right to post movies, television shows and other copyrighted materials on these and other sites?  Is there anything that can be done to stop it?

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