Really Weird (But Some Apparently Pretty Tasty) Beers

Beer can be such a simple yet refreshingly intoxicating beverage. Typically consisting of brewing and fermenting grains such as malted barley or wheat, along with hops and water, mankind has enjoyed beer for almost 11,000 years.

While beer seems so simple, people have added crazy ingredients and created flavors which would horrify brewing purists. Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest brews from around the globe, some that apparently aren’t all that bad.

Mamma Mia Pizza Beer

This Illinois beer is made with actual pizza. They jam a Margarita pizza  into the beer mash, containing dough, tomato, garlic, oregano, and basil. Apparently, reviewers like the beer. You can also order some from the brewery website, or pick up a six pack if you are in the Illinois area.


This has to be one of the strangest beer concoctions… beer and milk. Japanese brewers found a way to use excess milk produced by dairy farmers that was being dumped to make a beer that is 30% milk. The beer has a fruity taste and is targeted towards female beer drinkers.

Stone Chipotle Smoked Porter

Spicy beer? The Stone Brewing Company offers up this smokey dark beer on special occasions that has real chipotle peppers included in the brewing process. Reviewers give it a good grade, so even though it may seem like an odd beer, it might be worth trying if you have the chance.

The Bruery’s Autumn Maple

The Bruery sells an Autumn Maple beer that contains roasted yams, maple syrups, molasses, and pumpkin pie spices. With a 10% alcohol content, this sweet beer also has a bit of a kick.

Hemp Beer

Various breweries are making beer from hemp seeds, the same glorious seed that gives us marijuana. Although not psychoactive, you still can’t get it in the United States due to silly laws concerning hemp production… but you can still get it in Europe.


This weird Turkish/Eastern European concoction is thick, low in alcohol content, and can contain weird ingredients like chickpeas and sour milk. According to legend, Boza also can help a woman’s breasts grow larger.

Mfula Mfula

This African beer sounds absolutely disgusting. This Zulu beer, meaning “river river”, contains bread, oats, pineapple, stale rolls, powder sugar, yeast, sugar, and water all fermented in a bucket overnight. After straining the concoction, you drink it. It seems to be pretty common in South Africa.

Avery Fifteen

Colorado’s Avery Brewing put out this fifteen anniversary ale a couple of years ago. It’s made with black mission figs, hibiscus flowers, white pepper, and a weird yeast. While odd sounding, beer enthusiasts give it a decent grade.

Dogfish Head’s Pangaea

Dogfish Head is known for its odd brews, but the Pangaea takes the cake. The beer is made from ingredients from every continent: crystallized ginger from Australia, water from Antarctica, basmati rice from Asia, muscavado sugar from Africa, South Americanquinoa, European yeast, and North American maize. Interesting.

Cave Creek Chili Beer

Another spicy beer, Cave Creek’s Chili Beer has an actual chili IN THE BEER! This beer, however, tastes like watered down hot sauce. Not good.

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