Weird, Strange, and Unusual Condoms from Around the World

Generally speaking, buying condoms is a pretty straightforward affair. You walk nondescriptly into a gas station, pick up a bag of chips or a drink, a newspaper, something that disguises the fact that you only walked into said location to buy condoms.

Then you slyly ask for a box of Trojans behind the counter if there, or grab them from the shelf, pay for your prophylactics and other items, leave said location, and then pray for a good evening. The whole encounter looks something like this:


Things would be a lot more awkward if you showed up to a date’s house with any one of these weird condoms.

10. Obama Condoms

Your lady friend might look at you strangely if you whip out this presidential condom. Your mother always told you to never talk about politics in polite company. Anyways, you can buy your very own Obama, Palin, or McCain condoms from the company’s website.


9. Vibrating Condoms

This is just something I just can’t really grasp… I mean, I know it’s all about the motion of the ocean and not the size of the ship, but this vibrating apparatus seems a little much.


8. Junko Mizuno Manga Condoms

Now, I’ve never been really into the strangeness that is the manga subculture, but if I were, I’d make damn sure any girl I’m about to get freaky with was as well, or things might get a little awkward. In case you are sure, you can buy these weird condoms here at the Mizuno Garden website.

7. Lambskin Condoms

Seriously…Lambskin condoms don’t protect you or your lady friend from STD’s, so why even bother? Plus, there’s something a little unsettling about using a condom made from animal intestines during the physical act love. But, if you don’t care about these little things, you can pick them up here.

6. Condoms to Protect Endangered Species

Now, I’m all about saving the environment and pretty little animals that aren’t readily consumable, but seriously? At least they’re free, you can go to the hippy group’s website and get free save the wildlife condoms to distribute to your friends and total strangers!

5. Coffee Flavored Condoms

I’m sure one of the least tastiest things one can encounter during lovemaking is an artificially flavored Ethiopian coffee condom.

4. Juicy Queen Condoms

This is just crazy! Condoms that come in a fruit juice container? Look at the ingredients: Stimulation and Excitement are 100%! Freshly squeezed from a Korean sweatshop, you too can own these fruit flavored condoms!

3. Helthe Strange Condom

I mean, just look at this thing! Ehhhh, you can buy one here.

2. Durian Flavored Condom

The strange thing is, apparently the durian flavored condom smells as vicious as it looks. While many asians find the smell of the durian fruit appealing, most westerners think it smells like “stale cheese, old gym shoes, or a gas leak.” Unless your lady friend of the evening is asian, I don’t think this is the right way to set the mood. Really, the durian fruit stinks.


1. Spray On Condoms

Yeah, try convincing any woman this is a good idea. There’s something about the hiss of a can of spray on latex that cries safety and sets a sensual mood.


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  1. Chris Purdy says:

    It's fun to read your posts.

    2 of your condoms are products of DKT International ( I actually launched the durian condom in Indonesia a few years back as a publicity stunt but was happily surprised when it started selling well. We've sold many hundreds of thousands. Similarly, the sensation condom in Ethiopia is doing well. It's worth noting that this is caffeine free and therefore not guaranteed to keep you 'up' all night.



  2. crackercoast says:

    The lambskins feel very good for monogomus birth control.

  3. escort directory says:

    It is a great (Durian) flavor. The aroma will be around you for along time. So that you can enjoy the movements again and again.

  4. best condom says:

    I thing the Durian smell is the most disliked in the world. But who eats the fruit wont forget the taste from their taste buds.

  5. escorts in sydney says:

    wooooo. It's great to see the durian flavor. The fruit aroma is reaches nearly 150mtrs. Must try and see how far this durian will stretch for??