Five Sick and Crazy Recent Kidnappers and their Dungeon Lairs

The good folks here at Amog have to hand it to the sick sexual depravity that lurks in the hearts of many seemingly normal men that leads to ingenuity. Over the past decade or so, numerous reports have surfaced about weird sicko kidnappers who capture some poor girl/woman and hold them captive in their homemade dungeons, and keep them as sex slaves.

Kidnapping for ransom seems as old as dust: Julius Caesar himself was once kidnapped by bloodthirsty pirates and upon his release raised a fleet, hunted them down, and had them crucified. Dudes in power have long kept concubines and harems. Our five favorite recent sickos, however, have ingeniously used technology of the modern age to satisfy their deep depravities. Without further ago, we look at the five weirdest and craziest recent kidnappers and their dungeon lairs.

5. Vinson Filyaw


We start our nefarious list with South Carolinian Vinson Filyaw, a former construction worker who kidnapped 14-year-old Elizabeth Shoaf in 2006 after posing as a police officer. After marching her off into the woods, he forced her to dig her own 15-foot bunker about a mile away from his trailer home. He kept her naked, chained in this hole of a bunker, and raped her regularly. As if the chains and nudity weren’t enough, he also placed explosives around her neck.

While we might be smartasses here at Amog, we certainly have to give genuine props to Elizabeth for not only surviving and escaping her ordeal, but by doing so by tricking Filyaw with mind-games and other forms of ingenuity. She left pieces of evidence behind as she was led into the woods to help searchers, and she lured Filyaw into a false sense of security by sweet-talking with him about things he liked.

Eventually, after gaining his trust, he let her use a cell phone to play games. After the sick dumbass fell asleep, she contacted her family, who alerted authorities and recued her after tracking the cell phone signal.

Filyaw, alerted that the authorities were hot on his trail, booked it and run, but not before booby trapping the entrance to the bunker. He was captured five miles from his house. He pled guilty as was sentences to 421 years in his very own sort of bunker.

4. Wolfgang Priklopil


We now present Wolfgang Priklopil, an Austrian-pedophile-kidnapper-bunker-making extraordinaire and a man of few friends. Before he kidnapped 10-year-old Natascha Kampusch on March 2, 1988, Priklopil, aka “The Prick” worked as a communications technician. He snapped up poor Natascha on her way to school, and kept her for eight years in his homemade basement dungeon, which was originally constructed as a bomb shelter by his grandfather following the Second World War.

During her eight years of torture and rape, Natascha was kept under nourished and pale from never seeing the light of day. The tiny bunker was only about 52 square foot big, about the size of your bathroom, and for the first six months of her captivity, she was not allowed to leave at all. Eventually she was allowed to spend some time outside of the confines of the bunker, but had to return to sleep there every night. After she turned 18, Priklopil allowed her to come along with him sometimes when he left the house, and even took her on a skiing trip but threatened to kill her if she alerted anyone to her situation.

Natascha eventually escaped on August 23, 2006. While she was cleaning out “The Prick’s” car, Wolfy became distracted by a phone call and Natascha wasted no time in running away. Priklopil jumped in front of a train after realizing she had escaped and that the police were after him.

Ms. Kampusch is now doing well, aside from possibly suffering from Stockholm syndrome. She is still readjusting to life on the outside.

3. Phillip Garrido


Our most recently captured perpetrator is Phillip Garrido, and in case you haven’t heard of him because you’ve been locked in a closet (bad joke), he kidnapped Jaycee Lee Dugard in 1991 and, with the assistance of his wife, kept her in a backyard tent compound for 18 years.  Poor Jaycee Lee was long assumed dead, and her reappearance caused a major media bombshell.

Once a normal guy, Garrido went off the deep end following a motorcycle accident and a descent into drug use made him snap. It seems dropping acid and using other drugs for an extended period changed him into a sexual weirdo. Before kidnapping Dugard, he sexually assaulted a couple girls and Garrido was convicted in both federal and state courts in 1977 for his crimes. After serving only 11 years of a 50-year sentence, he was paroled. Bad decision.

On June 10, 1991, Garrido abducted Jaycee from her school bus stop. He built a large privacy fence around his property and kept her in a compound that included two tents, a couple of sheds, and a camp style shower and toilet. Over the years, Dugard had two children by Garrido, and she was not allowed to leave the property. She was so well hidden from the outside world that when authorities inspected his house on two separate occasions they failed to notice her in the backyard. The authorities further dropped the ball by ignoring a 911 call from a neighbor who said people lived in Garrido’s backyard and emphasized his deviant past.

Garrido, not the sanest or sharpest monkey in the jungle, brought the two daughters he had with Jaycee to a meeting with police, who promptly ran a background check on him and found he had no children on record with his crazy wife who allowed this shit to go on right in front of her face. Suspicious police arranged a parole meeting to get to the bottom of the situation.

At the arranged parole meeting, Garrido arrived at with not only his wife, but with Jaycee and the two kids as well. After separating the three from Garrido, they admitted their real identities and both Garrido and his wife were arrested just a couple of weeks ago.

2. John Jamelske

Our penultimate creeper is John Jamelske, who as opposed to the other three sick freaks on our list, kept a series of girls in a homemade bunker under his Syracuse area home between 1988 and 2003. Born in 1935 and raised in the Syracuse area, Jamelske was known by the affectionate nickname “Germs and Burgers” by his high school classmates due to his poor skin and off behavior.

His dungeon was quite the creation: it was concrete construction hidden behind a steel door in basement that was eight high by 24 feet long by 12 feet wide. There were chains on the wall, a bathtub with no plumbing in the center of the room, graffiti from victims on the wall, and a bucket that served as a toilet.

You gotta give it to Jamelske because he kidnapped crazy women whose stories no one would believe. Between 1988 and 2003, Jamelske kidnapped at least five women. He held his first victim for over two years before releasing her, threatening to hurt her family if she alerted the authorities. She did not.

The second women spoke little English and had a history of drug use, so after John released her the police didn’t buy her story. In 2001, he picked up a woman high on acid and kept her in his dungeon of a room where he tortured her by burning her with cigars, raping her, and other sick shit.

The complacent Jamelske screwed up with his final victim, a 16 year old he kidnapped and held for over a year. He left her alone momentarily on an outing, and she contacted her family. He was quickly caught and sentenced to 18 years to life.

1. Josef Fritzl


Ah, you have to hand it to the Austrians. The second Austrian and most perverse to grace our list is Josef Fritzl. Mr. Fritzl kidnapped his daughter and held her in a basement dungeon for 24 years between 1984 and 2008. He raped her and she produced SEVEN children from her father, three of whom were forced to live in the dungeon with their mother, never seeing the light of day. His wife was unaware of the entire situation, haven been told their daughter had run away.

He visited his daughter Elizabeth and their incestuous love children three times a week to bring food and to rape his daughter. The dungeon was a Hilton compared to some of the others on the list: by 1994 he had enlarged it to 600 square feet with almost 6 foot ceiling, and it contained a TV, radio, and a VCR. It contained several rooms. Until they were released, the children raised down stairs never saw the light of day and developed many health problems.

Fritzl’s shop of horrors came to an end when one of his daughter/granddaughters from Elizabeth fell ill and needed medical treatment. His charade quickly fell apart and Fritzl was arrested.

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