How Wing Chun Can Make You a Badass fighter

Fellas, ever got your ass kicked in a fight? I have, and I have to admit it’s what made me observe fighting more these past two years- from being knocked through a glass door, to a stabbing incident 6 months ago, I know all about dishing pain. Wing Chun kung fu is the type of martial art badassery that you see in movies where a guy can take some dealer of harm down in two seconds flat. No one questions the mastery of a trained sifu (meaning “master” in Wing Chun circles.  But the pain of dealing with a loss in a fight happens to the best of us, especially when bullying is an issue. Enter the world of the most popular Southern Kung Fu, Wing Chun, and one of the most energy efficient and deadly martial arts you’ll ever attempt to learn!

Part 1.


I got into Wing Chun while learning Tai Chi simultaneously. While perfecting my forms I really took to heart the centerline principle, which protects in instances where an enemy is trying to attack. Watch the embedded videos I post here on this article for a full understanding on the forms involved in Wing Chun Kung Fu. With coordinated hand movements like the ones taught in Wing Chun, theres no doubt you’ll be the Alpha Male of the Group wherever there’s a problem. AMOG heroes such as Bruce Lee have studied the power of Wing Chun to improve their martial arts skills, and thousands of new martial arts enthusiasts are introduced to the discipline every year.

From the founders of the martial art such as Yip Man, to the art being celebrated in films such as the self titled Wing Chun, there are even more advantages to learning Wing Chun. Close range attacks are primarily defended against, and requires a lot of leg strength for balance. I used to have really skinny legs, but after practicing Tai Chi and Wing Chun in the sun for hours on end, I fixed that really quick. I also grew 7 inches taller from yoga and gained tons of muscle in my hands in the process.

Anyone who wants to lose weight I always suggest they start with practicing some sort of martial art because it teaches balance and coordination, like part 2 of the wing chun documentary:


After practicing Wing Chun, my already fast metabolism got faster as I also smoked lots of great weed and was able to write from home to readers like you! Also a diet of yogurt, brown rice, spinach, Raisins, and general healthy food prepared my muscles for the building they needed while stretching and Wii Fit were done during the day. Now, after almost a year of doing my exercise regimen, I’m able to exercise during the day, and write for AMOG. It’s great! The true key to a man’s strength is found in his back and leg muscles, also hip strength, which is something a Wing Chun expert will have in spades, as hip strength determines the torque and quickness of a kick.

Part 3.


Interested yet? Any one can participate in Wing Chun Kung Fu, and it’s an especially great exercise for kids, as it teaches coordination and boosts mental clarity. What is it you want to achieve in life? Do you want to eat more foods that you like and know that you’ll be able to burn calories later? With only 15 minutes of Wing Chun, if you are really into your form you’ll be able to burn that off, no matter what you eat! Wing Chun also increases nail strength, as I implemented tea tree oil into my routine and found great results in how my hands look. Being able to use both muscles in your right and left arm are important, and Wing Chun Kung Fu helps one achieve balance and strength in wrists, fingers, and triceps.

Part 4.


Once I gained enough strength in my legs, I started being able to stand most of the day without sitting, and when sitting using a yoga ball instead of a regular chair. The muscles in your spine are very vast and delicate, so sitting reduces blood in that area, thus making your mind constricted. Your neck must also be stretched in order to practice Wing Chun effectively.

Part 5.


Bruce Lee once said we must be like water. What does that mean? Well, we are composed of mostly water in our bodily structure, so as our joints should be relaxed and fluid, always ready for combat. I like to practice soft applied martial arts to conserve my qi as I work out all day. For a while you will notice your muscles forming everywhere on your body, so rest is essential for any martial art, as well as possibly a regimen of Green tea. Lastly AMOG reader, maybe you can become fast enough to mess with Steve Lee Swift. Nah!


So what do you think AMOG reader? Want to give Wing Chun a try?

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