World’s Biggest Machines: Is Bigger Really Better?

While there are many axioms concerning size, including “good things come in small packages,” it would seem that when it comes to effective machinery quite the opposite is true. Consider some of these incredible examples of strength and size.

Strata 950 Drilling Machine

The recent extraction of 33 miners trapped in a collapsed copper mine in Chile was made possible via a 40-ton drilling machine that was able to bore through 700 meters (2,300 feet) of rock. Rescuers drilled a 25-inch-diameter hole, which was big enough to transport the miners back to the surface. The Strata 950 was so huge that it had to be disassembled and placed into 42 trucks which were posted in shifts because they couldn’t fit all the pieces together in the drilling area.

Antonov An-225 Aircraft

The Soviet Antonov Design Bureau has created the world’s largest and heaviest fixed-wing aircraft. Due to the unique size of its cargo deck, the An-225 is commercially available for flying over-sized loads. There is, however, only one aircraft in operation. The An-225’s name, Mriya, means “inspiration” in Ukrainian.

The D575A-3SD Bulldozer

Bigger really is better when dealing with a bulldozer. Size determines efficiency and the quantity of minerals and rock fragments they can shove. Komatsu in Ishikawa, Japan, has constructed the world’s biggest and most powerful bulldozer, which measures 16 feet tall, 41 feet long and 24 feet wide. There is no bulldozer in the world that can shift more aggregate than the D575A-3SD.

World’s Largest Truck: Liebherr T 282B

This monster dump truck was designed in 2004 by Francis Bartley, a German manufacturer, and quickly became the largest of its kind in the world. It can carry about 400 tons. Due to its exorbitant cost of US $3 million, only about 75 of these trucks are sold worldwide every year. This earth-hauling truck is not like any other; it has a 2723-kilowatt diesel engine which powers two electric motors, which makes it the biggest, baddest AC drive truck anywhere.

World’s Biggest Motorcycle

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Greg Dunham, a beauty shop owner, has created the world’s biggest, tallest motorcycle. The 15 foot-high, 25-foot long monster cycle took him three years and $300,000 to build. It weighs about 6,500 pounds.

So whether or not bigger is really better doesn’t really matter. Size, after all, like beauty, is in the eyes of the beholder.

N’est ce pas?

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