The World’s Largest Breast Implants Destroyed

The world’s largest breast implants belong to 30-year-old Brazilian fashion model, Sheila Hershey. Due to the unfortunate fact that she contracted an infection during her last implant surgery, doctors were forced to remove her silicone implants and she may also lose her natural breasts.

Hershey received the Brazilian prize equivalent to Guinness World Records. She underwent 30 operations for breast augmentation without any complications, but during the last procedure this past June, which brought her bra size up to 38 KKK, she somehow contracted a staphylococcal infection in her body.

“I had a high fever and pain. I could not breathe. It was awful. I stayed in bed all day, because I could not stand.”

Each of Hershey’s breasts was filled with four and one half liters of silicone. There are two types of breast implants; saline-filled and silicone-gel-filled implants. There are alternative types of implants such as polypropylene string or soy oil, that have been developed but they are no longer manufactured.

As is the case with many types of surgeries, procedures involving breast implants, whether for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes, carry certain risks. These can include: bleeding, reactions to anesthesia, surgical site infection, scarring, interference with breast-feeding and a thinning of the breast tissue, to name a few. In addition, complications relating to these types of surgeries can augment the costs of long-term patient and health care systems.

Doctors had no choice but to remove Hershey’s breast implants and fear the future may bring the penetration of disease causing microbes into her bloodstream, which could result in the loss of the breasts she was destined to have at birth.

Is there a message here that far exceeds the size of anyone’s breasts?

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