Some of the Worst Homes Overrun by Pets and Their Mentally Ill Owners

Everyone has seen those crazy stories on the evening news about wackos who overrun their home with more animals than is humanely possible. You have to be some sort of serious wacko to have over 40 cats in one house anyway. Some people are compulsive hoaders, others are just bad mommies and daddies to their little animals. Morbid curiosity leads Amog to look at some of the worst homes overrun by pets and their mentally ill owners.

Patti “Cookie” Wheeler

Patti Wheeler

The judge at Wheeler’s animal abuse trial dubbed her home a holocaust for cats.” Judge Robert D. Lane, before sentencing Wheeler to a year in prison, stated that photos he had seen of Wheeler’s house were worse than ones he’d seen of “German prison camps, homicide victims and lifeless teenage drivers.” Animal control officers had found 56 cats the previous year living in such horrible conditions that every inch of her three bedroom house was covered with cat piss, shit, skeletons of dead cats, dried blood, and mountains of hair. 30 of the living cats had to be put down, including two whose eyes had become so infected with abscesses that the eyes collapsed.

Animal control officers also testified at her trial that dead animals littered the property, even finding a dead cat in a cutlery drawer. They also found a mother cat suckling her kittens on top of the skeleton of another dead cat. I am not making this shit up, Patti Wheeler is a sick, sick individual.

Robert and Barbara Woodley

Dog's saved from doggy hell on earth

Animal control officers removed over 300 dogs and puppies from the home of the Woodley’s of Sanford, North Carolina, in April of 2005. Sentenced to 5 years probation, they had a puppy mill in their home that grew out of control. Veterinarians discovered the dogs suffered from all kinds of horrible doggy illnesses, ranging from blindness, skin scalding (caused by ammonia from urine), parasites and dental decay. Many of the dogs were living in their own filth.

Barbara Woodley was in such denial over the situation of the dogs in her home that after they were taken from she and her husband, she still visited them and was granted visitation rights! Thankfully, reasonable people intervened and a judge removed her visitation rights three months later after Woodley threatened volunteers at the shelter the dogs were living.

Stephen Andrew Moore

Bird's freed

Moore was recently arrested on November 1st for hoarding wild animals. He plead guilty to 30 counts of illegal possessions of different species such as squirrels, groundhogs, purple finches, raccoons, and blue jays. Animal control officials, following an anonymous tip, discovered cages and bird traps on his porch, and dozens of animals living in shit filled cages in poor health.

His ill-conceived menagerie was rescued and the animals moved to a wildlife rehabilitation center to make up for Moore’s abuse.

Philip Tamis and Cynthia Stewart

Tamis Mansion

This wonderful New Jersey couple’s mansion was a cat and dog’s worst nightmare. Authorities found 6 live dogs, had to dig out the walls of their house to find sick and dying cats with some 20 still on the loose, with 62 cats found alive so far, along with almost 30 cat or dog skeletons. According to one official, “”The decomposition is so bad on some, we can’t be sure. From what we can tell, some have been dead for at least a year and others died in the last couple of weeks.” The dead animals were placed individually in shoe boxes stuffed in trash bags and placed in their three car garage. The awful smell is what brought the cops to their house.

Paul and Pauline Harpin

Yikes, watch out for scary animal hoarding backwoodsman

In the home of this mother and son duo, animal control authorities discovered dozens of dead animal carcasses infested with fleas and maggots and in various states of decomposition. One official claimed “It has to be the worst case of animal abuse in the history of Vermont.” Authorities rescued 5 cats, 2 ferrets, a lizard, a gecko, a rabbit, a python, a gerbil, a tarantula, a chinchilla, a guinea pig, a tortoise, a mouse and a dog. 15 dead cats were decomposing in the home. Like the other cases above, the smell was apparently overwhelming, and once you entered the Harpin home you were covered with fleas.

Shit was so bad in the Harpin home that mother Pauline, who was discovered covered in flea bites, had to be decontaminated by a hazmat crew before being released. For some reason, they couldn’t understand why authorities wanted to take their animals, and Paul even threatened to shoot anyone who attempted to search the home.

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