The Wrong Direction? 15 Years for Prison Break-in

To say that Sylvester Jiles, aged 25, doesn’t know which way is up (or in this case, out) is to overlook the facts surrounding his odd behavior. There is a method to the seeming madness of this Florida man who, following his release from jail, tried to break back into the Brevard County Detention Center where he had been held following a manslaughter conviction.

A judge sentenced him to fifteen years for the attempted break in from which he suffered severe cuts from the barbwire that peaked the 12-foot high fence surrounding the prison. Driven by fear of violent retaliation from the family of his victim, Jiles had begged officials to take him back into custody just one week after he had been released on probation. He was told there was “no more room at the inn” and instructed to file his grievance with the police.

Exactly how Jiles managed to cop a plea and get a deal on manslaughter charges is unclear and a bit surprising. Instead of counting his lucky stars, our man soon realized that the safest place for him to be was where he had just been, for prison was the only place where the family of his victim could not get at him.

It is not clear who the family of the victim is or whether they threatened him in any way in the courtroom. They must have done something to frighten Jiles and make him believe that the dangerous individuals inside prison were a piece of cake when compared to what they had in mind for him.

One thing is certain: the victim’s family was connected in some way to something powerful as they came to court equipped with twelve armed deputies who guarded the doors.

Jiles faces 15 years for trespassing and resisting an officer. It may not be enough time to cool anything down, as some say revenge is sweetest when served ice cold.

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